• Just charge me for a light

    As a smoker, I agree with rules that keep my habit to myself. However, I do not agree with radical demands that students vacate to partake. For example, Smoking should be banned x feet from doorways/picnic areas, But it’s not the college’s business if I smoke in my car.

    Let’s see these righteous folks go 3+ hours without caffeine. Lucky for them, Caffeine vending brings in revenue.

  • Of course we should!

    It is scientifically proven that smoking may be harmful but it also has benefits. A simple but very strong benefit is that smoking slows the brain . With the slowing of the brain students should and would be able to concentrate for longer periods of time and concentrate on tasks at hand very much better than normal. Yet, students should be at least of age which is subdivided by state.

  • Smoking should be allowed on campus.

    As long as smoking is still legal at all, it should be allowed on campus. Obviously, minors should not be allowed to smoke, but adult teachers and college students should be allowed to smoke on their campuses. Smoking is just as unhealthy as drinking and overeating, and it should be permitted in controlled settings.

  • Designated smoking areas

    Banning smoking from the outdoors entirely is not going to be a deterrent in the war against big tobacco. College campuses should allow smoking outdoors for all students who so choose, and in public gathering areas perhaps a smoking section so other students are not offended or bothered by the second hand smoke.

  • Smoking is unhealthy, but legal

    As long as college students are old enough to smoke, smoking should be allowed on campus in limited areas. At this point, almost everyone is aware of the hazards of smoking and if they choose to assume the risk, we can't stop them. However, people who choose not to assume the risks of smoking should not be forced to be around smoke.

  • Yes, but only in certain spots outside.

    If someone needs to smoke, then they just do, and a college campus is no exception. So there need to be places on a college campus where the students can smoke. However, this should not be indoors or in class rooms, and even the outdoor spaces should probably be isolated.

  • Of course we should!

    Obviously smoking has been taken to the next level, we SHOULD show kids to relax and show that it is okay to express yourself, and that smoking is something EVERYONE is suppose to do. And smoking is absolutely, 100% right to do. So the next time someone says you wanna smoke say YES!!!!!

  • Absolutely not! Gross

    Smoking should not be allowed on campus. Smoking itself should be banned, its horrible for you. You are just slowly killing yourself and others around you. Why put toxins into your body? There are other alternatives to easy your stress. Go for a run, bake a pie! Figure it out.

  • Who wants to die early?

    As a college student most are now adults and are exploring what is right and what is wrong for themselves. Now with saying that if many could choose to spend their life inhaling a very well known dangerous drug they would say no. It would be sad if someone did everything to stay health not smoke and then all of a sudden their life is cut short due to second hand smoke. For those who smoke their lives away that is on them. Do not put others in danger because you do not value your own life.

  • Smoking isn't allowed in schools.

    By law, everywhere I know of in the U.S., it is illegal to smoke on a school campus. Therefore, I believe it should be extended to college campuses because they are schools. Also, most college students are not done physically developing and the damages of secondhand smoke are worse for the developing body than for the developed body. Smoking on the campus will also expose numerous people who are allergic to smoke, who are asthmatic, who are already susceptible to cancer, etc, as well as just people who do not wish to increase their risks of cancer, heart disease, etc. by inhaling smoke. One person making the decision to smoke on the campus also makes the decision for everyone around them to be exposed to those toxins.

  • Only in public spots

    Smoking should be banned in public spots on campus. This would fit with what most places are doing today. A person who smokes has a right to an eduation and should be allowed to smoke on campus. However they should not be interfering with anyone who chooses not to smoke.

  • Smoking should not be allowed on campus.

    Smoking should not be allowed on campus. When people smoke, they not only put their life in danger, but the lives of other people around them. Smoking on a campus puts thousands of people at risk for lung cancer and other related cancers because of the cancer causing chemicals in secondhand smoke.

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