• Yes! Secondhand smoke can kill

    My parents smoke with me in the car constantly and I hate it. I worry a lot about lung cancer because of what my health teacher taught us. I don't think children should be just dying because you think its a law that doesnt matter. It does, Your just ignorant.

  • I think that yes smoking shod be bend

    I discovered that if you smell smoke is as bad as smoking your self. Its as bad and yes you can die or made bad damages in your body. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes they should bann smoking in cars,homes,pregnancy

    It is your choice to smoke or not, that child or baby has no say so or voice to say him or her doesn't want smoke in their lungs to get cancer or to get the chemicals in from it. Its a unhealthy habit your already starting your child on. There is no escape from it in the back seat and some times the cherry falls off and burns the baby in the back! But on the other side,I think smoking in the home is worse bc no one opens Windows in a home but they do in a car.

  • Yes, children should not be in cars with smokers.

    Yes, smoking should definitely be banned in cars carrying children. No one has the right to subject young children to second hand smoke. It's equivalent to child abuse. Second hand smoke is known to be dangerous. We, as parents, should be trying to give our children the best possible start in life, not condemn them to a future with health issues because of our bad habits.

  • Yes, it's concentrated smoke.

    It is odd that we can ban smoking in so many places but then we put young babies and children in the small enclosed area of a car when someone else is smoking. They are exposed to massive doses of second hand smoke, which definitely should be made an illegal activity.

  • Smoking should be banned in cars carrying children.

    Smoking should be banned in any area where children are present. This applies to cars that are carrying children. This is especially important because being exposed to second hand smoke in a closed environment. Second hand smoke has been proven to contribute to cancer in non smokers who are exposed to the smoke for an extended period of times. It is especially important to keep second hand smoke from children so it does not damage their health, and also so they do not seek out to try smoking themselves at some point in their lives.

  • Children shouldn't have to inhale the smoke

    If you want to smoke, it's up to you. But your children should not have to inhale that smoke. Smoke outside while your kids are indoors and don't smoke in the car while your kids are in there. This activity has been so normalized we should let adults off with warnings and mandatory parenting classes that address the health effects on children from 2nd-hand smoke. But the 2nd time around take away the kids.

  • It Isn't good for the children.

    When an adult is in the car, they shouldn't be able to smoke. If you have kids, then why would you even smoke? Some people are like that, and they only care for themselves. They don't think about their children, and their children end up getting sick or they decide to smoke when they get older. It isn't right.

  • Making Laws is limited.

    Some things should naturally be against the law, like murder, rape and theft. These types of crimes can be reported, investigated, and the culprits captured with reasonable certainty. Creating laws with little or no real enforcement mechanism is just a way for people to claim that they are doing good, without any responsibility of enforcing it. How would someone committing this crime be caught? Of those who were caught, how many would have recognized such a law existed prior to being accused? These kinds of laws that are unenforceable are political tools for candidates. They serve no real purpose other than that.

  • Too grey an area

    What is a child? How would a person, objectively, viewing a car from the outside, determine the barrier between child and teen? What constitutes a car? What means would desperate smokers resort to in order to hide their children from sight when the need for a cigarette arises on a trip?

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