• Because i want to

    I want in my app so that iPhone can be happy with me in school and not only there but also in my mind i don't take anything seriously because i don't like to be serious so I'm writing without knowing what I'm gonna say, i hope it is ok and that you all jerks read it

  • Smoking should be banned from collages

    I believe that smoking should be banned in collages i say this beacuse it could cause heart failer or musel fail, it could also stop you from breathing as well as in front of people.I also thought that it should be banned because it would hurt your lungs and cause fails.

  • Yes of course!

    What about secondhand smoke? Those who hate cigarets will still inhale all that smoke, and they could get lung cancer, or any other disease that can be stopped by preventing smoking. I personally hate cigarets, and the barn that my mom boards her horse at, the owner smokes cigaret after cigaret! It's ridiculous! One after another. I can't stand smoking outside, never mind in a college!

  • 100% it should be banned!

    Of course it should be banned!!! Smoking causes harm to the smoker himself, not only himself but the people breathing in the smoke. So the kids that chose to smoke are giving the children who don't want to smoke no choice. This is just one of many other reasons why smoking should be banned!

  • Yes it should.

    Smoking should be banned in colleges. Smoking in the public area exposes people who do not want to inhale the smoke to all of the smoke they exhale and everything that comes off the cigarette and that is not right. Those people have tried hard to live a clean life.

  • Yes, smoking should be banned at colleges.

    Smoking should be banned period. Smoking provides zero meaningful benefit to society. Students at a college should not be subjected to cancer. Smoking is bad for the image of the college and it is physically harmful to the students. It can also be a fire hazard when students toss their cigarettes on the ground.

  • It's harmful to everyone.

    I think smoking should be banned in colleges. It's bad for the student's health, and not just the ones smoking. Being exposed to smoke is even more harmful to those who aren't smoking. I have a friend who is actually allergic to cigarette smoke. She can barely go out in public because people feel like they are entitled to smoke anywhere. A park may be the appropriate place for a cigarette, but a college? Not so much.

  • No it shouldn't.

    When you go to college you are usually and adult. You are old enough to buy cigarettes. I think that places shouldn't ban smoking, period. They should just have a smoking area that is pretty far away from non-smokers. It is that simple. People like to go off banning this or that. Someday something they enjoy will be banned!

  • No it shouldn't

    I do not think that there should be a ban on smoking in colleges. People that attend college are adults and are allowed to make their own decision if they wish to smoke. I think that banning smoking in certain areas and setting up designated smoking areas are fine, but to completely ban smoking should not be allowed.

  • No people have a right to choose

    Smoking should be banned in public places at college but if you are in private you should have a right to smoke if you choose. There are some people getting an education who are addicted to smoking and they should not be denied an education as a result of this.

  • Smoking should not be banned in colleges

    Smoking should not be banned in colleges. This is because there are designated places for people who choose to smoke to do so. Banning smoking inhibits freedom, and freedom to smoke. Freedom to do things that don't harm others is a vital part of society. If people smoke in smoking pavilions, then they are harming no one but themselves, and that is their right.

  • It should be up to the college

    This should be up to the college. This shouldn't be a majority rule, this should be up to each individual college to make a rules. The rules should be known. I really personally don't think it should be banned. Some people get pre-test jitters and need a nicotine fix. I don't smoke, never have, and never will, but I won't limit ones freedom to do as they please.

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carizmadebates says2016-01-27T17:03:41.273
I agree because kids adults and teens they all should not smoke because in each category that kind can get cancer and die