• Yes to smoking cessation in prisons.

    Many prisons in both Australia and New Zealand have been smoke-free in their correctional facilities since 2013 (excluding WA) These changes have only seen positive affects as inmates and officers have embraced the change (Besides the ACT riots).
    Also, most people have been thinking prison inmates will suffer from going "cold turkey" from this change. However, a smooth transition for nicotine addicts has been made with patch distribution and self-help classes to assist in managing cravings (Thank God for health policymakers right?).
    I can only see more positive reasons why smoking should be banned in prisons as it is a step towards a better future.
    List of reasons why:
    1. Health outcomes for inmates and officers
    2. Save millions of dollars on the health care system
    3. A safe and controlled way to stop smoking
    4. Prisoners should feel like members of the community as smoking is banned in certain areas and events outside of prison.

  • Smoking should be banned in prison

    Smoking should be banned in prison. This is because of the fact that smoking is something that most people look forward to, but should probably quit. Although prisoners who previously smoked would have withdrawl symptoms from nicotine, prison is a time to reflect on the mistakes and be reformed. Thinking about when your next cigarette is will not contribute to the process.

  • No Smoking in Prisons

    In most prisons, smoking is actually banned, and inmates can be penalized if caught with cigarettes. Most prisons should implement such bans to protect the overall health of the prison because secondhand smoke is quite dangerous. Fortunately, enforcing such bans is quite simple in today's world for the average prison.

  • Yes, they don't need to smoke.

    Yes, smoking should be banned in prisons, because there is no good reason to allow a prisoner to smoke. If someone knows they cannot smoke while they are in prison, maybe that will be an incentive to avoid committing crimes that end up with them being put in prison. There is no good reason to allow it. They only want to smoke because they like it. Prison is not supposed to be liked.

  • No total ban

    I understand that smoking in the workplace is banned in the UK but why can’t prisoners smoke in the exercise yard which would at least go some way to a compromise as unlike anyone else in the workplace prisoners can’t go outside the workplace for a smoke break.
    It’s not illegal to smoke and tax is paid and most workplace have smoking shelters.

  • Keeps stress down

    The thing with inmates in prison is you are really try to keep them as calm as possible. The last thing you want is prisoners getting pissed of the first month they are incarcerated. Give them the smokes so they are not freaking out over it. IT will also be incentive to behave or you will lose your smoking privilege.

  • Absolutely no, smoking should not be banned in prisons.

    Haven't prisoners lost enough already? Are they really no longer entitled to a pleasure that is NOT illegal? I am a non-addicted smoker. I have smoked tobacco moderately for most of my life, and now only roll a cigarette on average, once a week. So I realize, I don't really understand addiction and the problems that go with it. But OMG, how good it is to have this choice sometimes! Smoking gives short-term relief from stress for many of us, which can make all the difference in a potentially explosive situation. So what if this is not an ideal way of coping? We live in a very imperfect world, and a lot of "straight" people don't think twice about using other less than desirable means of relieving stress. Besides, some of us just like it. Surely smoking outdoors is not a major health hazard to people who are in the same vicinity, especially when the smokers have a designated area. Come on, let's get real about all this! Giving up smoking for health reasons should be a personal choice, not something imposed by others. Yes, serious nicotine addiction can be a bad problem, but except in severe cases, not bad enough to warrant such harsh and uncompromising action as a total ban on smoking.

  • No,smoking should not be banned in prisons.

    No,smoking should not be banned in prison.Prisoners are going to smoke anyway so it might as well be sanctioned so some sort of regulation can be put in place.No matter how much people despise prisoners they are still humans and need some sort of outlets and it might as well keep then from more negative activities.

  • Smoking should not be banned in prisons.

    Smoking should not be banned in prisons. For most of the inmates this would be very hard on them to accept. Smoking in prisons have been allowed since smoking was first introduced in this country. I do not think that by banning smoking you would have any impact on the safety of the prisons.

  • I feel that smoking shouldn’t be banned in prisons.

    I feel that smoking shouldn’t be banned in prisons. Prisoners are already being punished for the
    mistakes they have made I life. Although
    their provisions are the bare minimums, they should not be deprived of the few
    luxuries that the law allows. Smoking cigarettes
    keeps inmates relaxed and helps to reduce violence.

  • No good reason

    If this is due to health concerns then I suggest the anti smoking brigade looks elsewhere as men and women locked in cages have more pressing health concerns. If it is to deny prison smokers some pleasure then this proposal could be deemed an unnecessary cruelty. If however this is due to the use of cigarettes as prison barter then it is missing the point as many other goods are used.

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