• Smoking increases the risk of pollution, global warming, and diseases in people.

    People who smoke are more likely to develop diseases such as lung cancer and liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is mostly caused by smoking and reduces and even poisons the liver, unable for the organ to perform its function. For example, a healthy lung is pinkish in color and helps the person breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But a smoker's lung is very dark and is covered with tartar. A smoker's lung is unable to functionally help the person breathe and increases severe asthma, with causes stroke and heart attack

  • Smoking is bad for the ones around you

    I think that smoking should be banned because I am a kid, and when I walk by a smoker I always have to cover my mouth which is quiet irritating sometimes. Another reason is that it pollutes the air. Last but not least, people who have asthma can be harmed or even killed if they want to take a walk in the park!

  • Some people are allergic to smoke!

    When I lived in Los Angeles, I suffered greatly from second hand cigarette smoke! I later found out that I had a smoke sensitivity and just walking by a smoker made me feel ill. My throat and nasal passage ways were closing up and I had to take many trips to the doctor to get a shot to calm them down. IS CLEAN AIR JUST TOO MUCH TO ASK?

    You can smell cigarette smoke from MANY feet away and people suffer from it. Why should an innocent person suffer? I didn't make the choice to smoke and yet, I am suffering. Also, I have to think about ways I can avoid smokers. For instance, when I pass a smoker when I am walking on the side walk, I have to run and hold my breath or walk the opposite way and eventually turn around when they disappear. It is ridiculous.

  • Yes it should.

    My aunt smoked for years and now it is making it hard for me to breathe. Smoking should be demolished period! It is a useless hobby that people use because they have no life and are too lazy to get one. No offense to those that do smoke but I just think it should be that way. I got lung cancer because of my aunt's stupid hobby! All of you smokers should get a job, get a life, or get some friends. It would be better for the rest of us that don't smoke. Smoking threatens the air that we non-smokers breathe, making us get sick. Yes, smoking should be banned in public places ASAP.

  • It Harms Everybody and Children.

    People shouldn't have the right to smoke wherever they want. What sort of example are they giving to young children and infants? Passive smoking kills so many people it's not fair on others.
    Why would you want to smoke around other people? Your harming them as well. It smells bad and is bad for the pollution, also it litters our environment making it look disgusting. People should not smoke in public, but in their homes where they are only harming themselves.

  • no they shouldn't!!!

    people shouldn't smoke in public places because kids have lung problems and the smoke doesn't help the problem!!!! and for the people who say no is wrong!!!!! i personally have lung problems and when i'm driving by no i don't want the smell of the smoke in my face and no it doesn't help my lung problems and when i am trying to enjoy my food i would not like to smell the smoke while i'm eating. i don't like to smell smoke while i'm going through the park ttrying to enjoy my day and i smell smoke! for the people who smoke go right ahead one day you might get lung cancer and think back...why? why did i smoke? was that a bad choice in my life? no it wasn't and i regret that! if you can get through that cancer you need to thank the lord for your life!!! ask him for your forgiveness!!! thank the lord for your life!!! go to church get to know god more and thank him for everything he has done for you!!!!!

  • Smoking should be banned to reduce pollution and disease.

    First of all it will significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and other diseases, particularly among individuals such as children and non-smokers. Secondly, it will help public places be less toxic and we won't have to deal with pollution. Finally, It could also help some people quit smoking. If people were allowed to smoke in public places they may not be as motivated to stop smoking as they are with not being allowed to smoke in public areas.

  • Yes, smoking should be banned.

    Yes, it should be banned because people who smoke say that they have paid enough so why should they be forbidden to smoke, but it is not the non-smoker fault that they had spend so much money on cigarettes, it was their own choice. Also, there are many diseases, such as cancer and cirrhosis that can be easily developed in a living body not just in a smoker one but in the liver that is needed by the one that is smoking.
    Many people today suffer from asthma and they can not have just a little stroke but die.
    Smoking also causes pollution and people who smoke leave their cigarettes everywhere they can (on the ground, in the grass, on the plants). But the biggest concern is that millions of forests have burned in the past decade just because smokers leave them lit up. It is dangerous and I think it is more important to save something then to be sorry later for it, and that it is very selfish from the others who smoke to say that they should be allowed to enjoy the smell of the cigarettes, while others suffer.

  • Yes, it's bad for everyone.

    If smoking was banned, then heart-related sicknesses could possibly lower just like it did in the places where it was banned. I don't like having to walk around smoking areas in public because it's a waste of my time and, if I don't, I'm risking my health. Second-hand smoke is just as bad as directly smoking something.

  • Smoking should be banned, it is unhealthy.

    First off, it's really unhealthy. It's bad for a person, and bad for the environment. Its bad for the environment because the smoke goes in the air and causes pollution. It's a major cause for second hand smoke, lung cancer, and death. The poor decisions of some people should not effect the lives of others.

  • People can smoke if they want to!

    Smoking is something that everyone doesn't like, but they aren't doing any harm to anyone else by doing it. Smoking only affects you, not the people around you. I think that if people want to smoke they can. Honestly if it was that big of a deal they would have made it illegal years ago. It's just something for everyone to argue about.

  • You can walk away.

    Look you'll most likely be harmed by the stuff that's already in the air than you will be by tobacco smoke. If you don't like being around smokers, don't be around smokers, simple as that. Sometimes, public places are the only places these people can smoke, so back off. If a guy is smoking next to you, leave, or ask him to move, but don't get all preachy about how bad it is. Besides, people like you won't stop at cigarettes, you'll move to alcohol, then high fructose corn syrup, fumes from cars, etc. etc. Just let us smoke our cigarettes, if you don't like it, walk away.

  • No,smoking should not be banned.!

    Smoking is a personal choice.Have anybody heard of the First Amendment.If they want to kill their selves with cigarettes, let them and If you dont want to risk your health.LEAVE..Its as simple as that!!

  • Tobacco smoke is no worse than exhaust fumes.

    People have no problem standing by endless amounts of idling and moving vehicles, so they shouldn't mind someone smoking nearby. Exhaust and smog is just as bad, if not worse, than tobacco. If one tries to argue logically that smoking in public should be banned, the logical extension is that vehicles should be, too.

  • You can not force someone else to stop smoking for your preference or health problems: YOUR problems are YOUR problems, not others!!!

    If someone chooses to smoke or allow smoking that is their decision. If you choose to not smoke, that is your decision. You have the choice to not be around smoke. You can not force someone else to stop what they wish to do because of your own preference or need. I do not smoke, I just leave the room when someone does smoke. I can not force them to quit for me. My problems are not theirs!!!

  • Think about it...

    I'm not a smoker and don't plan to be. But after reading through these comments, I agree with one thing. It shouldn't be banned. Maybe regulated or banned in certain places, but not completely banned. Think back to the Prohibition. Do you want to live through another one of those? I know for sure that I do not. So if you are going to do anything, regulate it, but we don't need one more right of freedom taken away.

  • Say no to ban happy nazis

    What kind of person would stop around telling others what to do in their presence? This whole socialistic society is out of control. If you can't handle personal freedoms maybe America is not the place for you. Stop ruining everything we fought so hard to obtain - its shows a complete disrespect for all those who have given their lives for personal freedoms.

  • Not In What People Mean When They Say "Public Places"

    These aren't even real public places. A PRIVATE restaurant is PRIVATE. A PRIVATE bar is PRIVATE. It is NOT public. If you don't like that they allow smoking there don't go or leave. Private businesses are not supposed to be required to cater to the whim or concern of every single person. To ensure adequate smoke-free recreation licensing for smoke-allowing establishments should be required but it shouldn't be banned outright.

  • Why make it a law that smoking should be banned?

    People get others to do what they want all the time just by giving them stares and making them feel uncomfortable. Plus it doesn't matter: people know the risks of smoking. If people want to get all hurt over a little smoke, ask the smoker to stop. Don't go make a law because you're uncomfortable. Once you take away smoking, people start taking other things away that are "harmful" to the public.

  • Smoking doesn't kill everyone.

    Smoking is something that people may not like, but it is unavoidable. The risk of getting cancer or something else from smoking, is about as high as crashing your car. Yes you can die from smoking. You can also die from alcohol poisoning, or food poisoning, or overdosing, or even by crashing your car! But that doesn't mean that people stop drinking, or eating, or doing drugs, or driving!

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Anonymous says2013-03-11T21:18:27.600
Everyone that says smoking doesn't hurt you think again it does big time
Anonymous says2013-03-11T22:59:22.430
Smoking is bad! Smoking is a lot worse than car fumes.
Anonymous says2013-03-20T14:24:47.407
Smoking isn't that bad. Not everyone that smokes is going to get cancer or be harmed by it. It's the same thing as driving; not everyone that drives is going to be totally safe. The risk is the same thing!
Anonymous says2013-03-20T18:26:18.447
SMOKING CAN SKILL YOUR LIFE!smoking can cause lots of disease then you get addicted to it & thats when you get aggressive & you can go CRAZY!
Anonymous says2013-03-20T19:24:53.460
Smoking can harm people so they should banned it forever and forever people get kill and get addicted for life and harm you and others you love.STOP SMOKING!!!!!!STOP NOW
Anonymous says2013-03-22T04:15:51.030
who ever that anonymous person is at the bottom, think about it. there are millions right now who would gladly stop... if they could. you can't just say okay, i'll stop. and you stop! otherwise smoking wouldn;t be as big of a deal. because everybody would be able to stop when they want. but you can't just stop. it doesnt work like that.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T16:45:12.087
Smoking shouldn't be banned, but under-age smoking should. Every day I see abusive school children smoking as they loiter their way from school. It brings the place down. They don't pay tax, national insurance. They don't contribute. They don't know what life's about yet. When you're old enough you can smoke, until then know your place and stop leeching off society, acting like the world owes you a living. It doesn't.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T14:45:45.867
People do what you want, this is a free country. Don't l no rednecks tell you what to do. This is your life live it the way you want!!!!!!
Anonymous says2013-04-30T04:20:04.803
People shoud just grow up
Anonymous says2013-05-17T12:45:09.627
I think people should not ban smoking but the people who smoke should try to smoke in less populated areas so they harm less people.
Anonymous says2013-07-01T16:14:34.993
Seriously, people are selfish enough, quit being even more selfish by smoking in public
Anonymous says2013-08-05T22:30:57.803
Are your serious...
AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T01:57:00.180
This issue is very similar to that of pollution. We can analogize smoking in public to water or sound pollution.

If one had the inclination to drink water filled with all of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes (benzene, formaldehyde, arsnic, cadmium, amonia, cyanide, polonium, and lead, among others), that is their choice. Placing the same harmful ingredients in the public watersource, reservoir, or well from which everyone partakes will harm the entire community and is a violation both legally and morally.

The same goes for audio/sound pollution. Since cigarette smoke has harmful chemicals, let's focus solely on harmful or generally unpleasant sounds (e.G. Multiple sirens wailing and not in unison, the screeching of a microphone/speaker combo or system, nails on a chalkboard, forks on a plate, fire alarms, an unbalanced washing machine, a loose fan belt, perpendicular scratching of a needle on vinyl, etc). If one enjoyed these sounds more than *insert*favorite*music genre*or*title*here*, that's perfectly fine, as long as it is not too loud and does not interfere with the hearing of those around you.

The same concept goes for cigarettes and cigarette smoke.

We do mot want to drink your dirty water. We do not want to hear your "music". We do not want to breathe your smoke.

Thank you.
Sagey says2014-01-17T01:03:11.567
Many are trying to Quit, and I know it is very hard, it took 6 years of trying all types of techniques, but ended up going cold turkey. The Information about the dangers of smoking did not get published (Tobacco company power) when I was starting out.
For those who are desperately trying to kick the filthy habit, I wish you the best of luck: Cold turkey is hard, but after a month, you will find that your sense of taste returns, yay, I could taste real food again.
For those that are not trying to give up: You are seriously Dumb.
For those in this day of Information who are taking up Smoking: You are among the most Brain Dead people in existence.
Reality111 says2014-05-14T22:47:45.870
How dare you people impose your ignorance on others!!!
Do we live in facsist germany? Or maybe communist russia?

Who are you to ban smoking anywhere other then your own home.

I grew up with a smoking family and not once did i ever find it hard to breathe during my childhood and beyond.

Your all desgustingly miss informed.

What's next banning all automobiles? Banning all volcano's? Banning jupiter?
Please stop talking and re-educate yourselves.

The ignorance of the herd constantly amazes me.
Reality111 says2014-05-15T03:30:38.010
Smoking is no where near as bad as fumes from cars.
Smoking won't send you crazy.
Smoking has a minimal effect on our envioremt when buts are disposed of properly..
Second hand will only kill under outrageous circumstances.
Smoke getting into our drinking water? Really? /Facepalm!

Don't like the smell? Get over it! Or move away the world is bigger then you, you people are the selfish ones not the smokers.

Dear sagey if you need someone to tell you that constantly inhaling smoke isn't the most healthy lifestyle choice, then your the brain dead. Your post is one of the dumbest comments I've read all year.
Majdqwerty says2016-04-04T13:59:02.140
Hi smok is bad
Majdqwerty says2016-04-04T14:02:38.217
No sok mock yo smok yo die DieDIeDIE in ihe floor
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