Should smoking be banned in public places (dining establishments, stores, theme parks, etc.)?

Asked by: Ninjarmy
  • This is obvious..

    Ever since the smoke-free environment Act 2000 was implemented 2007, there has been a 17% decrease in heart attacks. The aim for the ban was to reduce passive smoking and reduce the exposure to second-smoke, which can be harmful for patron’s inhalation. 78% of people around the world support this and have supported this since the ban was implemented. Studies show that there has been a definite change in people’s attitudes and behaviour. This is why.

  • Suicide for Sport

    We worry about terrorism, suicide, war, and all types of death, but we are always forgetting one of our world's biggest killer-smoking. We are fools by even considering to allow smokers to commit suicide, causing painful cancers and diseases. In public places, smokers are willingly using these cigarettes, although aware of the severe consequences to them and other innocent citizens. There is no 'NO' for this debate. We need to act.

  • Just dangerous in general

    Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also harms the people around the smoker (second hand smoke). Also, when you don't discard a cigarette properly, loose embers from the cigarette that are hot can ignite when it contacts a flammable surface. Smoking in public places could also influence some teens to smoke as well.

    Smoking is a bad habit that will not go away anytime soon. It's a good step to begin banning them in several dining establishments, stores, etc.

  • It Spreads Second Hand Smoke To the Children:

    This can be an issue for young children in public areas where ever it is. A child can get second hand smoke and can be very bad on a record. I am now known a smoker because my mother gave me second hand smoke. It can be horrible for these children's carriers.

  • Smoking should be banned in public

    Smoking should be banned in public because the people smoking the cigarrete have a high chance of getting cancer and dying or getting extremly sick from it. Also many people who have never smoked like myself hate to smell it in public then there is other people who have had lung cancer from smoking and cant breathe when they inhale the smoke.

  • Smoking should not be allowed in public places

    It is a killer. All it does is kills and destroys. It can destroy people's lungs and brain it also can infect the heart. It also causes tumors. Lastly, it can hurt others around the smoking person. It affects the others be case the smoke gets in their lungs and it does the same things I described earlier.

    Posted by: posy
  • Smoking is a stupid useless habit!

    Smoking is one of the most ridiculous habits ever known to man kind. To sum it up, you are quite literally paying to kill yourself! What is the point in that? I believe that if people want to continue smoking they should do it in the privacy of their own home! Not out in public where the some of the sensible people want to reside socially without the disturbance of second hand smoke and the other disgusting side effects.. It should be banned everywhere other that homes.

  • !! Absolutely ban public smoking !!

    Smoking / second hand smoke is a well-known, profound health hazard! If someone chooses to smoke, at their own risk and self injury -fine - but don't inflict it on those who choose not to. It's been proven beyond a doubt, over and over second hand smoke causes and exacerbates all sorts of horrible illnesses, cancers and death. And the cost—crazy expensive health care costs associated—cringewothy. There are plenty of problems and health issues—not self inflicted—to worry about. Destroy yourself - but please don't take the rest of us with you—it's an assault. (If someone forced me to drink alcohol or take drugs it'd be considered an assault.) You are causing harm and suffering to others. And lastly it smells so bad, a stink that lingers - ick!

  • Definitely not to smoking

    Smoking in public should be banned, mainly because it is bad for your health. This way the government is stimulating smokers to quit smoking. Non-smokers are also affected by the toxic gases that they inhale while breathing. To ban smoking in public places is the very first step to reduce the amount of smokers.

    Posted by: IG
  • Smoking why do they smoke

    People die from smoking they also get cancer. Why do people smoke around kids is my question. Family`s don`t want people in their family to die. If people smoke around people it can affect them because the smoke from the cigarette will get in the other persons lungs . WHY!

  • None of your business

    It is none of the government's business if people want to smoke. If you are afraid of tobacco go hide out and avoid social situations. Just because you are an annoying hippie worried about "secondhand smoke" doesn't mean your views should be forced on others. How would you feel if you were REQUIRED to smoke. It is the same thing. People want to smoke and they should have the choice.

  • Smoking should not be banned in public places.

    Smoking should not be banned in public places. We operated for years without smoking bans being in place and think we should continue. I think smoking ban over time just hurts the business cause less and less customers will visit the establishment if they can not smoke. In this economy, we need people to feel like they can get out and spend money for the good of everyone.

  • Smokers aren’t going to quit because of a ban.

    Smokers aren’t going to quit because of a ban. Dining establishments, theme parks, stores,
    and other businesses should all have designated smoking sections to accommodate
    people who like to smoke. Passing laws
    to outlaw smoking in public places is not going to convince people who want to
    smoke to stop smoking.

  • Their body, their choice

    Firstly it is the smokers choice whether they want to stop smoking; its totally up to them, the government cannot interfere in people's lives.
    Secondly think of how many people would lose their jobs. There are factories for making cigarettes and lots of people work in them. People would lose their jobs and as you all know, jobs are very hard to find these days.
    Thirdly people will do something about it. They will not just stand there; there will be protests and rallies. People do have minds of their own.
    In conclusion I say that smoking shouldn't be banned because people have their own bodies and it is up to them what they want to do.

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