• Smoking sucks bruh

    Why should we smoke, only to find lung cancer and death? Smoking is something that comes upon us like a wave of addiction. We should further restrict smoking to only in your own backyard. Just imagine driving your car and the person driving in front of you is smoking, they throw their cigarette out the window and on to the road. The cigarette reaches the ground and little did they know that the fire would catch a branch and send the whole forest up into roaring flames. Not only does smoking effect you it affects those around you, for example SECOND HAND smoking. Second hand smoking can even kill those that you love and the ones around you, it's just as bad for them as it is for you

  • Yes, it should be illegal to smoke indoors. Especially around children.

    Some parents still think it is okay to smoke in a home with children, in the same room. This is unfair to the child. I would say only children are affected, but some people are still in denial that second hand smoke is worse than smoking a cigarette, which it is (no filter).
    I grew up in a home with a parent smoking in my face 24/7 and it was disgusting but I had no options and no where to go.
    I am now working on moving out but in this economy it is very difficult and I am still stuck in second hand smoke until I can afford my own place. Doesn't seem fair she won't go outside.

  • As smoking gets restricted people can be rebellious by trying healthier things

    If smoking becomes more restricted via higher taxes and more and more people switch to vaping, then eventually people will stop smoking. Then also they will start to think about other "legal drugs" like additives like MSG, food coloring, and possibly caffeine. These are harmful in ways, though less harmful.

  • Only in some cases

    Smoking is already restricted in a lot of ways that have improved the health of its citizens. However, we can restrict is a little bit more when it comes to smoking around children. I personally think that if you smoke in a home with small children that you are endangering them unnecessarily.

  • Smoking Destroys People's Health

    Smoking destroys people's health including lung, blood vessels and the heart with heart disease. Smoking causes massive health care costs and shortens lives by 10 to 15 years. Smoking should be further restricted by raising the tax rate on packs and cartons to make smoking more expensive. Smoking in public spaces should be banned in general, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

  • Smoking should be shameful and restricted.

    We've done a great job with making smoking socially unacceptable by banning it in businesses, and in many cities, within 10 to 20 feet of a business entrance. Now we need to go further by banning smoking outside the privacy of one's home all together, or at least limit it to certain areas. We don't let people just drink wherever they want, smoking should be the same.

  • Yes, smoking should be more restricted.

    Yes, smoking should have as many restrictions on it as possible. Researchers now know for sure that secondhand smoke is very dangerous, so it should not be allowed in any public area. Additionally, smokers are putting themselves at high risk of serious health issues, or even death, in the future, which can put a strain on the health care system. Smoking should be made to be as difficult as possible in order to deter it.

  • Yes, smoking in public should be illegal as it is hazardous to other people.

    Smoking in public spaces should be illegal because second hand smoke can cause health problems in other people, even to the extent of eventual death. Smokers should be considerate to those who may suffer from their smoking and only smoke in private places away from people who may not want to risk their health.

  • People Should Be Free

    I do not believe smoking should be further restricted. There are people who will continue to chose smoking. It is a legal product, made available for consumption, and people still buy those products. I believe it is bad to restrict industries, even though this one is particularly harmful. People should be allowed to make their own decisions, not have their government make decisions for them.

  • No smoking should not be further restricted.

    Smoking should not be further restricted as it is already hard enough to find a place that it is legal to smoke on the premises. The tax is already insanely high that it is more then ten dollars per pack in some states, and each person knows the risk that they are taking when they light a cigarette and should be allowed to smoke wherever they please as long as others either do not care or are not bothered by it.

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