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Its just wrong

  If you had a gun and you were shooting yourself in the foot and a policeman saw you, would he let you continue? NO! He would stop you and say that you not only endangering your life, but everyone else who is around you! You not only doing yourself harm, but also others. I find it very selfish.
xashfordx says2013-10-28T16:01:55.620
That was the most pathetic reasoning I have ever read.
savannahbhang says2014-04-10T00:11:54.223
Shooting people or yourself, and smoking cigarettes, are two different types of "danger", and is a poor comparison/argument.
hundinibmx says2014-06-07T04:24:29.960
I agree with you 100% that was actually a really good example
NIKOLAS.POPE says2015-03-16T05:59:02.527
Dude really if you lived in america they would shoot you and say you were indangering people.
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-15T17:36:20.527
Why would you shoot yourself in the foot? :/
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