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It hurts the environment!!!!

  Smoking doesn’t only affect the person who smokes; it actually affects the surrounding environment greatly. In fact, smoke and cigarette butts affect our environment the most resulting in land, air, and water pollution. Even the production of making cigarettes affects the environment. After hearing this, don’t you think that smoking should be illegal? Some smokers are unaware of smoking polluting the environment. Smokers are actually one of the direct contributors to environmental pollution. They breathe in about 4000 chemicals from the cigarette, and then breathed out into our environment. Think about it. That’s 4000 chemicals into our environment that doesn’t need to be there. If we all stop smoking, those 4000 chemicals will no longer be in the environment. The production of making cigarettes has a very big affect on our environment. Instead of using the land to grow tobacco, we could be using that land to grow food for the third world countries in the Middle East and Africa. Plus, tobacco plants sometimes carry pests and diseases, so tobacco farmers spray different chemicals on the plants to kill the pests and diseases. These sprays can be very harmful to the environment. The cigarettes are packaged and rolled in lots paper. This means that lots of trees are being torn down to make a product that will just destroy the environment even more. That’s a lose–lose situation. Trees are being wasted!! Fact is it takes one tree to produce 300 cigarettes. Some cigarettes take 18 months to 10 years to biodegrade, and some may never biodegrade. Think about what’s that doing to our environment! Did you know that worldwide, 2.1 billion pounds of garbage each year is generated from cigarette filters?! That’s a lot! If you take a look on the sidewalk, in the grass, and in the gutter, I will guarantee you that you will see a cigarette. These cigarettes on the ground can be harmful to many animals worldwide.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T15:29:51.220
You are not arguing against smoking, but instead arguing against pollution and littering. You are aware that there are laws against doing many forms of either, right?
Anonymous says2013-05-21T18:16:54.323
You do bring up many points but imagine how the smokers would feel? Mant of them ARE trying to quit smoking but they can't do it! The fact of the matter is that people are going to smoke! If you don't like, don't be around them! Smoking is a choice that they have made-might not be the best choice but I'm sure you havent made the greatest choices either.
sameishaaa says2013-12-18T02:33:42.837
This is a great reason i love it , do you mind if i use this for my project im in grade 7 ? Please we have to write a persausavie essay to the gouvernment i promise ill change some wordd up thxs
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-11T18:03:54.880
Great argument. I'm glad you took the time to type this. :D
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-15T17:37:15.647
Jesus. That's long
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