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No it shouldn't at all!

   Smoking is bad. Yes it causes, cancer, yes it can kill you but... Take away smoking people will still do it and people will lose jobs. This will also take away money to the government. Think about it, they are thinking of even making junk food illegal. Sure you can take away smoking but you're also taking away our rights! Our economy is screwed up enough as it is. So think about it America, do you want to banned smoking? Think about it. I am not a smoker. I am even a middle scholar but I'm still learning how messed up our economy is. America, sad but true. I do not smoke and I hate the idea that my dad does but it's still horrible to take away our rights. Think and make the right decision...
Anonymous says2013-05-22T13:28:47.273
No it should be illegal it can kill you bro!
Anonymous says2013-06-27T13:57:23.080
How would people lose jobs if smoking is banned? That is an irrelevant point you are making.
Stereophonic says2013-08-22T04:46:52.863
Not exactly anon, smokers are addicted to nicotine and if they don't have enough of nicotine they can become very mentally distressed in turn leading to a divorce, loss of job etc.
Victor915 says2013-12-13T00:18:03.637
They never would have gotten addicted if they couldn't get the nicotine in the first place. As for the jobs he was referring to he meant the workers who worked for the tobacco companies when they get shut down. Which isn't a very good point because companies get shut down all the time-even ones that the government makes money on- and the economy still survives. The heath effects and emotional problems caused by smoking far outweigh the revenue it brings for the government. Saying that we should keep this harmful industry because our economy isn't good, is like saying: keep the ear infected because it helps soothe the headache.
NIKOLAS.POPE says2015-03-16T06:00:25.973
Well Victor915 you retaard they said when it first came out it was good an companies never usally lied back then
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-18T17:39:21.677
Bruh you just explained the reasons why smoking should be illegal in the beginning. BRUUUUUUH
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-18T17:39:37.887
Bruh you just explained the reasons why smoking should be illegal in the beginning. BRUUUUUUH :/
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-19T17:10:25.597
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