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Should smoking be gone

  No because look I may be a kid but it needs to stay because my mom and dad smoke. So they already pay for tobacco so why make them pay some 50 bucks or a hundred. And if they don't have tobacco then they get mad at me for no reason because they can't smoke. Plus we have the right to have a choice so don't ban it.
Anonymous says2013-05-23T17:46:30.213
I'm a kid to but would you rather have your parents die then argue over petty stuff besides that why they have things to help your parents like patches,rehab etc.
CrimsonFucker says2014-06-24T17:27:36.237
How old are you guys, like fourteen?
flamedramon says2015-11-23T05:42:32.827
Ok I'm a kid too, and i personally don't like going into coughing fits every time I walk past a smoker. Your parents are your issue
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-18T17:37:34.677
Shawn1234567890 I totally agree, bro.
MegaBottleFlipper123 says2017-05-22T17:40:07.527
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