• Please Take Away Smoking To Save A Life

    I am doing an essay for school and thought I'd pick this topic. I strongly disagree when people say it's not a harm. Apparently, from the research I've gotten, you can get 14 types of cancer from it. I am probably not as old as everyone else here and I do not know as much. My age will not be said but just because I am younger doesn't mean I can't state my opinion. Not only is smoking dangerous for the smoker, it is dangerous for the people around them. They can get the cancers the smoker gets. They can die just as fast as the smoker can. Smoking causes many problems and can harm many people.

  • It hurts the environment!!!!

    Smoking doesn’t only affect the person who smokes; it actually affects the surrounding environment greatly. In fact, smoke and cigarette butts affect our environment the most resulting in land, air, and water pollution. Even the production of making cigarettes affects the environment. After hearing this, don’t you think that smoking should be illegal?
    Some smokers are unaware of smoking polluting the environment. Smokers are actually one of the direct contributors to environmental pollution. They breathe in about 4000 chemicals from the cigarette, and then breathed out into our environment. Think about it. That’s 4000 chemicals into our environment that doesn’t need to be there. If we all stop smoking, those 4000 chemicals will no longer be in the environment.
    The production of making cigarettes has a very big affect on our environment. Instead of using the land to grow tobacco, we could be using that land to grow food for the third world countries in the Middle East and Africa. Plus, tobacco plants sometimes carry pests and diseases, so tobacco farmers spray different chemicals on the plants to kill the pests and diseases. These sprays can be very harmful to the environment.
    The cigarettes are packaged and rolled in lots paper. This means that lots of trees are being torn down to make a product that will just destroy the environment even more. That’s a lose–lose situation. Trees are being wasted!! Fact is it takes one tree to produce 300 cigarettes.
    Some cigarettes take 18 months to 10 years to biodegrade, and some may never biodegrade. Think about what’s that doing to our environment! Did you know that worldwide, 2.1 billion pounds of garbage each year is generated from cigarette filters?! That’s a lot!
    If you take a look on the sidewalk, in the grass, and in the gutter, I will guarantee you that you will see a cigarette. These cigarettes on the ground can be harmful to many animals worldwide.

  • Its just wrong

    If you had a gun and you were shooting yourself in the foot and a policeman saw you, would he let you continue? NO! He would stop you and say that you not only endangering your life, but everyone else who is around you! You not only doing yourself harm, but also others. I find it very selfish.

  • Yes smoking should be illegal

    It should be illegal because it is bad for you and you get addicted to it just like drugs and it can kill you slowly but it will. That is why I think smoking should be illegal and you should support people to quit smoking because like I said before it will kill you.

  • You can have heart attacks.

    My dad had a heart attack because of smoking, and he quit right after that. Also, my grandfather got over it, and now his lung is messed up. So, it should be banned because people are just hurting themselves. And who would let people do that? Also, they are wasting all of their money on smoking.

  • Smoking should be illegal!

    I am allergic to cigarette smoke and find it hard to breathe sometimes. The smell is putrid as well, and its very bad for the person smoking and worse for those around him/her. One cigarette contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals which enter your body as poisons, and there are more for the people around you because it is unfiltered for them.

  • Smoking SHOULD be illegal.

    Smoking should be illegal for everyone. If you smoke you are pretty much setting yourself up for an early death and possibly cancer. People should't have the choice, it should be illegal. Family's lose members everyday because of people who smoke and get cancer. Its just sad. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE.

  • The ugly truth

    Smoking kills people what's so hard to understand about that? Do you not see the statistics?Thousands of people die each year because of smoking some of those people don't even smoke themselves. It's because of someone else's idiotic actions that the children the future of the USA are dying. Is it Fair for our children and Our children's children to die because of the actions of someone else?

  • People die every year

    I am a kid that doesn't want to die because of smoking and all that. This crisis will END! The world 🌎 needs your help, people. The world will not turn into a place where people everywhere are saying "hey, that dudes smoking. It looks cool let's do it too!" That is not what I want to see out

  • Harms not only the smoker but others

    Smokers can smoke all they want if they were only harming themselves. But this is not true. Smoking not only affects the smoker but other people and the environment as well. Other non-smokers are inhaling the harmful chemicals. It is killing others. Many smokers throws away the cigarette butts on the ground everywhere. This act of littering is harming the environment and many different species. The harmful chemicals released into the environment leads to pollution and poor air quality for people to breathe.

  • No it shouldn't at all!

    Smoking is bad. Yes it causes, cancer, yes it can kill you but... Take away smoking people will still do it and people will lose jobs. This will also take away money to the government. Think about it, they are thinking of even making junk food illegal. Sure you can take away smoking but you're also taking away our rights! Our economy is screwed up enough as it is. So think about it America, do you want to banned smoking? Think about it. I am not a smoker. I am even a middle scholar but I'm still learning how messed up our economy is. America, sad but true. I do not smoke and I hate the idea that my dad does but it's still horrible to take away our rights. Think and make the right decision...

  • NO! Of course it shouldn't be illegal.

    If someone wishes to harm themselves by smoking, they should be allowed to do so. Why should it be any one else's business? Who are you to tell them not to? Don't take away people's rights and freedom. In addition, a ban on tobacco would never work. Cigarettes would be sold on the black market, crime rates would go up just as we see with the drug war. And where do you think the money needed to enforce a ban on tobacco will come from? The taxpayers!

  • It Wouldn't Work and the Consequences of a Ban Are Not Worth It

    People would continue to smoke. You would find that across the country workers at retail shops that sell cigarettes would suddenly disappear along with lots of missing cartons just before the ban went into effect. The black market would flood with cigarettes and different dealers would fight turf wars over it. Violent crime would go up. There would be DEA raids over cigarettes. There would be false alarms where innocent people are killed in raids just as there are now in the war on drugs.

  • Smoking should not be illegal

    Danger to health is a matter of degrees. I am not a smoker and absolutely hate the smell of smoke. I also am offended by those who do and turn our Earth into their ashtray by flicking their ashes and butts anywhere they like. However, if that is someone's desire to inflict a potential disease upon themselves, so be it, as long as it is in a controlled manner and does not affect those around them.

  • No

    I do not think that it should be illegal. Every citizen has the right to make a choice no matter how bad a choice it is. They need to just apply a larger tax to them that will fund the education of teaching kids to not smoke and to fund the medical treatment of cancer.

  • No, smoking should not be illegal

    Even though smoking is bad for you and It's been proven to cause cancer, I don't believe it should be illegal. That would be just another ban on freedom. Making smoking illegal will not stop people from smoking, It's an addiction. Instead, people will buy it illegally and government won't get the taxes on it.

  • No, smoking should not be illegal.

    There are plenty of warnings and public service announcements about the dangers of smoking. Smoking advertising is already limited in where it can appear. Making smoking illegal would only create an underground market for illegal tobacco. The US would have a whole new war on drugs that serves as much purpose as the current one, which is zero. Let people who smoke do so with full knowledge of the health risks they incur.

  • Should smoking be gone

    No because look I may be a kid but it needs to stay because my mom and dad smoke. So they already pay for tobacco so why make them pay some 50 bucks or a hundred. And if they don't have tobacco then they get mad at me for no reason because they can't smoke. Plus we have the right to have a choice so don't ban it.

  • Possible Effect (Smokers)

    If smoking were to be illegal, then the number of complaints we would hear would sky rocket! Because think of the people that would have to quit smoking, I could only imagine how hard it is, and WE have to live with them! That means that the kids with parents that smoke would watch their mom or dad popping pills in the kitchen to quit smoking! And then they if they can't do it, they get a ticket or something? How fair does that seem!?

  • It would only create problems.

    If smoking was to be banned the effects of it would greatly harm society. It is better to leave it as it is and let smokers hurt themselves. Eventually with all of the anti-smoking propaganda exposed to children these days, it won't be long until smoking will be just disappear.

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T13:35:58.457
Smoking should be illegal because it is very bad for you and people around you for various reasons... Like nicotine can reach your brain in just 10 seconds, thats faster than cocaine can reach your brain!