• Absolutely Abolish Smoking Rights

    It doesn't just harm the individual, It harms the environment and those around them. Second-hand and third-hand smoke are both destructive and damaging. Not to mention, Cigarettes are the most littered item on this planet. Filthy smokers ruin more than just their own lungs, Cigarettes are not just a cancer of the body, They are a cancer of society. Junk food, On the other hand, Only affects the individual and anyone who CHOOSES to care about their habits. Inhaling second hand smoke isn't a choice for almost anybody. Smoking also ruins homes and turns them into dirty unlivable cesspools for normal people, And it's a pain to clean out.

  • Secondhand smoke hurts everyone around you

    Smoking should be illegal because yes it IS your body- except the greatest harm isn't to YOU. Secondhand smoke is five times more toxic the actually smoking the cigarettes. Smokers die from continued use but secondhand smoke can cause immediate health issues. The CDC has been saying this for as long as I literally can remember and I can remember the commercials when I was five. I'm thirty now so there is no way people can say they don't know secondhand smoke is dangerous. If you drink and drive you go to jail not because you put yourself at risk but because you put others at risk- so even if you drive 15 miles an hour and hit some kid and ONLY send them to the hospital or damage an organ, You without question should go to jail. Secondhand smoke causes scarring on the lungs almost immediately and has been proven to cause SIDS- IE your smoking could kill a baby- and you don't even need to be actively smoking. It has been proven that you carry the toxins in cigarette smoke on your clothes hours after you stubbed out that cigarette. That reason alone is enough to ban it- you cannot smoke elsewhere then be around people without still causing potentially fatal harm to someone who most certainly did not consent to it.

    Smoking causes asthma and a whole host of breathing problems but asthma caused by cigarette smoke is a different beast. Your lungs are already scarred by the smoke itself which means you already have the thing doctors work so hard to prevent in asthma patients because A)You will ALWAYS have it if there is scarring- there is no recovering or growing out of it, And B) The victim will have to struggle to breath and asthma attacks are emergency situations- you can DIE. They hurt and are terrifying. You can be hospitalized and that is costly. One person should not be able to cause irreparable harm with full knowledge their actions are dangerous and harmful, Cause potential deaths in children, And costly medical problems, Limits to life style and the rest of someone elses life because the perpetrator felt like it. With anything else this wouldn't even require a debate- its a no brainer because that choice is obviously a criminal one- and it has nothing to do with the risk to the perpetrator.

  • Why i think smoking should be illegal

    1 in 5 deaths occur annually and 1, 300 people die everyday! They also die 10 years earlier compared to non-smokers in the USA while being responsible for the deaths of 41 thousand people in results of second hand smoking exposure. Smoking also accounts for about 30% of cancer deaths as well as 87% of lung cancer is found from smoking.

    2. A study shows that over 200 thousand people are to either have lung cancer, Cancer (13-15 different types) and new or common diseases/illnesses are found in the 200 thousand people's bodies.
    84% of us have agreed to the topic of smoking being illegal while the other 16% have disagreed if smoking should be illegal.
    Cigarette butts have about 7, 000 chemicals inside and when lit up there is also 7 thousand more chemicals which are exposed into the air causing pollution and other harmful things to our planets, Our animals and even our bodies (the immune system) which fights off viruses among side other illnesses will not be able to work if the air in our environment is not clean.

  • No smoking must be a law!

    Personally, Smoking must be banned! It just causes health problems. It may be addictive, But it does awful things to your body. You could get lung cancer after a certain amount of smoking. If treatment doesn’t work out for you… there’s a possibility that you could die. Nobody wants to die sooner than they expected. Right?

  • It kills Too Many People.

    Scientists are trying to cure cancer and smoking is just making it a lot worse. I think making it illegal should be a slow process. They should make it illegal right away for anyone born in the after the year 2000 and give everyone else 6 months to a year to quit then make it illegal for everyone. They should at least ban Nicotine.

  • Yes smoking should be illegal

    And yes i know what the people are saying if don't ban but look at all the facts and yes i know its their choice but it doesnt mean they know the full consequences to it like I researched it mulitple times and asked people who smoke if they know that there is a 50% chance they will get a stroke and die from that stroke or like you don't get enough oxygen in your skin so you will look about 10-30 years older than you are.

  • Its not good for you

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  • Smoking should have been made illegal a long time ago.

    There are many reasons why smoking should be illegal. Not only is it bad for people, But bad for the environment as well. When you smoke, You are breathing in 7, 000 bad chemicals, 69 of which can cause cancer. Smoking is bad for the environment because all of those chemicals you are breathing out into the environment are very harmful. The cigarette butts also produce a lot of trash, And when you throw them out into the street, Yard, Sidewalk, Or anywhere else, You are littering.

  • It can hurt your lungs very badly

    When you smoke all the bad chemicals go into your body and mouth and then all the chemicals hurt your lungs and a lot of other things in your throat that you can have trouble breathing. Also it is very bad because it can very badly hurt you or kill you if you smoke to much.

  • Yes it should be illegal because of all the harm it is doing to the human population

    A lot of people die a yer and if we don’t stop the ozone layer will disintegrate and let all the uv rays will kill everyone and so many people will die and then what will we do nothing because everyone will be dead as a door knob screwed into a wall

  • No it shouldn't at all!

    Smoking is bad. Yes it causes, cancer, yes it can kill you but... Take away smoking people will still do it and people will lose jobs. This will also take away money to the government. Think about it, they are thinking of even making junk food illegal. Sure you can take away smoking but you're also taking away our rights! Our economy is screwed up enough as it is. So think about it America, do you want to banned smoking? Think about it. I am not a smoker. I am even a middle scholar but I'm still learning how messed up our economy is. America, sad but true. I do not smoke and I hate the idea that my dad does but it's still horrible to take away our rights. Think and make the right decision...

  • Should smoking be gone

    No because look I may be a kid but it needs to stay because my mom and dad smoke. So they already pay for tobacco so why make them pay some 50 bucks or a hundred. And if they don't have tobacco then they get mad at me for no reason because they can't smoke. Plus we have the right to have a choice so don't ban it.

  • It would only create problems.

    If smoking was to be banned the effects of it would greatly harm society. It is better to leave it as it is and let smokers hurt themselves. Eventually with all of the anti-smoking propaganda exposed to children these days, it won't be long until smoking will be just disappear.

  • NO! Of course it shouldn't be illegal.

    If someone wishes to harm themselves by smoking, they should be allowed to do so. Why should it be any one else's business? Who are you to tell them not to? Don't take away people's rights and freedom. In addition, a ban on tobacco would never work. Cigarettes would be sold on the black market, crime rates would go up just as we see with the drug war. And where do you think the money needed to enforce a ban on tobacco will come from? The taxpayers!

  • Smoking should not be illegal

    Danger to health is a matter of degrees. I am not a smoker and absolutely hate the smell of smoke. I also am offended by those who do and turn our Earth into their ashtray by flicking their ashes and butts anywhere they like. However, if that is someone's desire to inflict a potential disease upon themselves, so be it, as long as it is in a controlled manner and does not affect those around them.

  • No

    I do not think that it should be illegal. Every citizen has the right to make a choice no matter how bad a choice it is. They need to just apply a larger tax to them that will fund the education of teaching kids to not smoke and to fund the medical treatment of cancer.

  • No, smoking should not be illegal

    Even though smoking is bad for you and It's been proven to cause cancer, I don't believe it should be illegal. That would be just another ban on freedom. Making smoking illegal will not stop people from smoking, It's an addiction. Instead, people will buy it illegally and government won't get the taxes on it.

  • It Wouldn't Work and the Consequences of a Ban Are Not Worth It

    People would continue to smoke. You would find that across the country workers at retail shops that sell cigarettes would suddenly disappear along with lots of missing cartons just before the ban went into effect. The black market would flood with cigarettes and different dealers would fight turf wars over it. Violent crime would go up. There would be DEA raids over cigarettes. There would be false alarms where innocent people are killed in raids just as there are now in the war on drugs.

  • Possible Effect (Smokers)

    If smoking were to be illegal, then the number of complaints we would hear would sky rocket! Because think of the people that would have to quit smoking, I could only imagine how hard it is, and WE have to live with them! That means that the kids with parents that smoke would watch their mom or dad popping pills in the kitchen to quit smoking! And then they if they can't do it, they get a ticket or something? How fair does that seem!?

  • NO!!!!! It SHOULD'NT!!!

    My father smokes and is trying to stop. Therefore concluding that people CAN stop if they try hard enough. My Grandmother is living proof that you are able to stop. Of course it could kill you, but the economy would fall apart without salesmen, and the buyers of the product.

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T13:35:58.457
Smoking should be illegal because it is very bad for you and people around you for various reasons... Like nicotine can reach your brain in just 10 seconds, thats faster than cocaine can reach your brain!