• Think about the children!

    Smoking should be allowed in certain public places. When smokers are not allowed to smoke outside of their homes, their children would be affected! If smokers want to hang around other smokers, they should be allowed to do that. It is their choice whether they want to smoke or not and if non-smokers don't want to be around it, they have the choice to avoid it by not attending the places where smoking is allowed. There should be designated areas such as a bar or other areas outdoors. They should not be forced to smoke only at home where their children would be subjected to it.

  • Yes it should

    Second hand smoking is veracious dangers for young people. It could kill them. Compromise there health. Second Hand smoking also makes the person next to them get addicted as well. I don't under stand why people smoke around children when they know it could hurt the children around them. That is my answer.

  • Smokers have rights, too

    Smoking is a pretty tremendous addiction, and it is still allowed by law, so there's no reason to force smokers elsewhere when they are in a public space, especially an outdoor one. This does nothing but discourage people. It's best for everyone involved if most public spaces have a designated smoking area.

  • Yes. Smoking should be legal in public, as long as it's outdoors.

    Yes. Smoking is a choice. People should be able to smoke in public places, provided the public place is outdoors. The reason for this is that even some smokers find the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke to be unpleasant when indoors, and the health of the general public could be negatively affected by allowing smoking indoors.

  • Yes, in a way.

    Smoking should be legal in public places, but it should not be open everywhere. Certain areas I think would be fine, like outside bars, and our camping, etc. In other areas though it should not be acceptable to have smoking; a park, somewhere kids hang out. I think it would be bad to make it illegal, but right mind set to ban it in certain areas.

  • Unhealthy life choices

    As a student who has asthma and as a boy scout I have learn that there are many consequenses for the unhealthy life choice of smoking. For example,from a single cigarette you can get lung cancer, cardio-vascular disease, and breathing quality. Also, it can lower the birth weight of others, affect a child's health, and givesomeone sore eyes and eye disease. Also, a cigarette can give can give you ohysical addiction, a lss of their sense of smell, and a loss of their sense of taste. Also the cost of them is expensive because in a year it could cost you $2,008

  • No it should not.

    Smoking should be banned in public places because it is bad for health for EVERYONE, no exception. Smokers should only be smoking at their own place and even then it is bad if you have kids because you are subjecting your kids to second hand smoke. They have no choice.

  • It should be ilegal because...

    It can kill people that are just sitting next to the people. This is called second hand smoking. It's bad because you can kill your friends even if they don't smoke. You can kill children even if you don't mean to. That is why smoking shouldn't be allowed in public places.

  • UNHEALTHY for you

    Why would you make smoking in public legal? It is incredibly bad for you and others around you. Therefore you are not only harming yourself but others too. Second hand smoke is just as bad as first hand smoke. So definatly no. . . . . . . . . .!!

  • Smoking is bad for your health!!!!

    When you smoke, you're KILLING all your organs, and not just yours, but others too. By smoking in public, you are negativley effecting other peoples health and 1 in 100 people (600,000 in the world) die from second hand smoke! SO SAVE A LIFE AND STAHHHHPPP SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLEASE!

  • Its not fair

    People should not be able to smoke because it will make people smell bad when all the are trying to do is enjoy themselves so not smoking should not be allowed just saying. I hope people who smoke see this its very important don't bother people. Poops is definitely out

  • No it should not.

    Smoking should not be legal in a lot of public places. I don't think you should smoke in the library, in a store, or in many other places. However, if you are talking about a public park, then I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to smoke there.

  • No there is no benefit

    Smoking should not be legal in public places. A smoker in a public place is putting a lot of people at risk for disease which is not fair to anyone. If someone chooses to smoke that is their right but they should not be able to put anyone else at risk.

  • Smoking Should Not Be Legal in Public

    No, smoking should not be legal in public places. While a smoker has the right to put whatever he or she wishes into his or her body, that right ends when it begins to infringe upon another's right to not have that substance placed in to his or her body unwillingly.

  • Smoking should be banned in public places

    Smokers have the right to smoke, but not in public. We know now that second-hand smoke cans be harmful to the health of non-smokers exposed to smoke. No one has the right to make others sick. Smokers can choose to ignore the warnings and take the risks of getting cancer and other respiratory illnesses, but it's unfair to expose others to the same risks, especially those who are unwilling to smoke.

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