• Smoke weed every day

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  • Smoke weed every day

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  • Kills people daily

    To everyone who votes yes, you feel that you want lung cancer, you want to be one of the 6 million people who die each year as a result of smoking, i hope international governments ban smoking for not just our well being, but for those who actually make it


    No one should be able to smoke in public because it causes health problems for those who do it and for those who are around it. Imagine you are in a public area and all you smell is smoke thats called second-hand smoking which could happen to those people. No smoking in public places could stop all of this

  • No, second-hand smoke is dangerous and dirty.

    Cancer caused by cigarette smoking kills millions of people each year around the world. Second-hand smoke has been shown to have long-term effects in those exposed to it on a constant basis. Nobody should be exposed to smoke just because they happen to be in a public place. On top of health reasons, cigarette smoke smells foul and yellows walls and the rest of the environment where it is found.

  • No, it compromises the health of the public

    Smoking does not just harm the person who is smoking. It harms the environment, and it is also unhealthy and annoying to other people around the smoker. People should be able to go into a public area without having to worry about inhaling cancer-causing substances. Littered cigarettes are also unattractive.

  • No, smoking impacts the health of everyone and therefore should not be a public activity.

    Smoking in public forces non-smokers to breathe in unwanted second hand smoke. Studies show that breathing in second hand smoke often results in even more smoke being inhaled than by smoking itself, which puts the population, including children and pregnant woman, at risk of the health effects of smoking when smokers take their habit to public areas.

  • Smoking is a health hazard to surrounding individuals.

    People certainly have the right to smoke, but given that second-hand smoke is a known health hazard to others, people should not be allowed to smoke around the general population in public places. Allowing smokers to smoke in public places creates a health risk to all the people around them who do not wish to be a part of the second-hand smoke.

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