• Because itz dangerous

    Because it will kill you and give you heart disease and be in a bad condition. There is a lot of diseases that have to do with smoking that can kill or wound you. An example is COPD, heart disease, and cancer and way more. Don't let it be you.

  • Stop smoking now

    Smoking can cause various reasons of problems. If it comes to it a lot of people could get cancer and there are not as much doc tees as they need to care for your health and treat you. Also cigarettes can cost 7700 dollars a year for regular smokers. If this keeps going on the world will smell bad

  • Yes, stop smoking

    Of course. I agree to stop smoking. It's very dangerous for our body.

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  • Smoking is a known health hazard

    Yes, smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit and should be stopped. Unfortunately, we can see that it will not be stopped anytime soon or probably not at all. If smoking is made illegal it will just make a black market for them, so in reality, smoking should be stopped, but will most likely out live all of us.

  • Smoking is lethal and must be stopped

    I think smoking should be stopped. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer in the lungs and also people around smoker can get second hand smoke. We need to stop smoking all together by implementing stricter laws. If we stop smoking we can save millions of lives and improve our health across the world.

  • Yes it should.

    Smoking should be stopped at all costs. There is just too many bad things that come from smoking, and there are absolutely no benefits that come from it. Our nation and out world would be much healthier and better off if we could get smoking stopped in all corners of the world.

  • Smoking should be stopped.

    Smoking should obviously be stopped because it is bad for human health. Big tobacco companies make huge amounts of money from the addictive qualities of niccotine. We should stop using tobacco because, in the end, it does not provide pleasure but it leads to a horrible death by cancer or other lung diseases.

  • Smoking should be stopped

    I think smoking can cause serious illness like getting lung cancer or mabey getting throat cancer and having a hole put into your neck it affects people around the smoker as well to it is a bad influence on kids cigarettes pipes cigars and more are very smelly also they pollute

  • Smoking should not be stopped.

    Smoking should not be stopped. People are going to smoke no matter what conditions that you put on smoking. Most businesses are not allowed to allow smoking on the inside so they sat them up on the patio outside. Now the government wants to stop that. I think businesses will see a hit to their profits if this happens.

  • People have a right

    Smoking is disgusting, stupid, and these days, very expensive. That doesn't mean people don't have a right to do it. What we should be doing is throwing the book at every single example of marketing to youths we find, but adults should be allowed to make this (dumb) choice if they want to.

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