• If they get a smoke break I get a coffee break.

    I don't smoke, never have, never will; don't like the thought of black lungs or a hole in my throat. That said, if one wants to smoke, one should have the right to. What one citizen should not have to right to is more breaks than another citizen just because he/she is addicted to cigarettes, or what-have-you.

    This is a big issue for a lot of working people. It isn't fair that I get two 15 min coffee breaks per shift while a die hard smoker may get as many as ten (ask my manager).

  • Smoking Breaks Should be Banned

    I believe that smoking breaks should be banned for a variety of different reasons. They reduce worker performance (this includes the service industry), They add up and often can lead to a large amount of time, Unworked, But still paid. They are unfair to non-smokers, Who do not get the same leniency when it comes to sporadic breaks from work. Smoking is also pretty much universally described as an unhealthy and bad habit. No one binge watches television or gives into other obvious addictions at work. Smoke breaks wastes work time and does not reflect professional morale.

  • It;s not fair to those who don't smoke and have to work the break

    At some places, some people are still being payed on their breaks. Therefore, if those who smoke get breaks, they are still being payed when those who don't smoke have to work their butts off when those who smoke are getting paid to smoke, technically. That is my opinion on why smoking breaks should be banned. IT IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR!

  • They should not have smoking breaks it's not fair!

    THEY SHOULD BAN SMOKING BREAKS!I think there should NOT be smoking breaks because it is simply NOT FAIR! They should ban smoking breaks in my opinion and when you go to work you have the 30 minute lunch break and than you work for the rest of your shift and not be lazy!

  • Habit* not habbitat

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  • Smokers are better employees cause they are more

    Docile, most of them just couldn't make the right decision in their teenage years. This shows that more than half of worlds population don't have any other choice but to start smoking due to stupidity. There are pros and cons in everything. Non-smokers are more lazy cause they don't need money for cigaretes.

  • Everyone should be treated the same way, as far as possible.

    The issue here is inequality and discrimination. People want to be treated the same, and if they feel that they aren't, there is an issue. Although I know that life is not generally fair, there is a major difference in the workplace. There are supposed to be structures and policies that applies to ALL employees. Why discriminate against non-smokers? There is no valid reason.
    If smoking is not banned, at least match the amount of breaks the smokers get with the amount of tea/coffee breaks that non-smokers may get. Thank you.

  • Smoking breaks are unfair to non smokers

    I am now retired, but in my last place of employment, the smokers went out every hour for 10mins here, 10mins there, plus they had a 30min lunch break. Me? I had an interrupted 30min lunch break, and was expected to answer phones etc during my entitled break. The percentage of smokers to non smokers - 2 smokers v 8 non smokers, oh and the manager was a smoker so no problems with their breaks!

  • Smoking is bad for you!

    You can't breath as well when you smoke and also you spend like 50 or 60 dollars on one pack. Then it makes one side of your lungs smaller. When you start smoking you can't stop so try and break your habitat. Especially smoking when your kid is around or in the car with you

  • Additional breaks for an addiction? No way.

    Smoking is a horrible vice. It is stupid that smokers get breaks to enjoy themselves and release stress while non smokers don't. It doesn't make any sense, and I'm not talking about meddling with the lives of smokers. So in all fairness, no, there should not be a break for smoking only, it's idiotic, if anything, then only allow breaks for everything, not smoking ones!

  • It’s time non-smokers stopped meddling with the lives of smokers.

    Non smokers are just jealous of smokers because smoking is cool and street and they feel like nerds and losers because they don’t smoke. So out of pure spite they lobby politicians to get smoking banned in the workplace, pubs, clubs and all sorts of other public places. Now they complain if we nip outside for a quick smoke instead having a coffee break.

    So what if we smokers talk about the others behind their backs while we are outside? They could come and join us and just smoke low tar cigarettes if they are concerned about their health.

  • Smoker that Agrees

    I am personally a smoker. I am aware of the health consequences, and yes, I am working on quitting. I would not expect to be given additional breaks because I am addicted to nicotine. In a working environment, everyone should have equal time off. If two fifteen minute breaks are not enough for you to get your smoking fix, perhaps it's time to cut back a bit. Chew nicotine gum or wear a patch to get a "fix" during your working time, and step out for a smoke when you have a break.

    Smokers shouldn't get a special break just because they need a cigarette. It's certainly not fair to the non-smokers, and it is obviously bad for business. So yes, even as a smoker, I agree that smoking breaks should be banned.

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