Should smoking by parents around children be banned?

  • Parents are supposed to protect their children

    Subjecting them to second hand smoke is beyond careless and quite frankly, its ignorant. It has been proven that second hand smoke is detriimental to ones health, so i consider it child abuse when a parent does this. I understand that parents have the right to smoke in their own house, but its as simple as stepping outside to smoke. You may not care about your health, but dont bring your child down with you.

  • Yes!! Ban it!

    Selfish and disgusting thing to do. If you wanna make yourself, hair, clothes stink and cause yourself chest pains, cough, shortness of breath then so be it but take your filthy buts away from small children before you do!!! I say add pregnant women to the list too!!! Protect our children and their futures!!!

  • Smoke is poisonous.

    Seriously, anyone who loves their children should never think that smoking cigarettes areound their kids is ok. You are forcing your kids to smoke cigarettes. Kids shouldn'tbe forcefully exposed to poisonous substances. Any parent who thinks their kids should have to smoke the second hand smoke that they are blowing out is both selfish and inconsiderate.

  • Yes, Why make the child suffer because your an Addict!

    Smokers are addicts and no different from a heroin or meth addict trying to find their next kick.
    People say they love their kids but yet they lock them in the car with dirty, air, causing damaging to their lungs. Many of them smoke inside the home making the child suffer again from breathing the poison in. So how much do you really love your kids... Not much from what I see because your selfish by damaging your child's body through your habit. THE CHILD DOESN'T HAVE A CHOICE! YOU AS A PARENT DOES! WHATS MORE IMPORTANT...YOUR CHILD OR THAT $5.80 PACK OF CIGS. If you want to poison your own bodies that's fine, but don't poison the people around you. I know people who have lived with a smoker, never smoked a day in their life... Are now dead because they got lung cancer from second hand smoke.
    I wonder if a smoker really takes in account on how much money is thrown away on a addiction. What mind blogging to me its legal! How many low income families get food stamps but are heavy smokers and/or drinkers. Always have enough money for their addictions but never enough to care for their children! Chances are if your parents smoked around you, you will do it too.
    Don't people realize that if you smoke you smell and so does everything you touch...Your hair, clothes, skin, the food you just cooked! The more you smoke the more your body smells because the poisons mixes in the body and the smell comes through with the body natural oils. They don't see anything wrong with that??

  • Poisoning children's minds...

    I'm a childcare practitioner, and am studying Early Years Practice. And we are having this debate around the classroom at the moment. I absolutely think that when the children are too young to make their own decisions and you as the parents are responsible for making their decisions for them, it is important to teach them that smoking is wrong. In my opinion it is wrong to smoke altogether, yes it is your body and your choice, but there is so much research out there, that does back up the dangers of smoking and it can cause cancer etc. So children who see you smoking, are going to be automatically effected and influenced straight away, and are naturally going to copy what you are doing. There is evidence that parents who smoke around their children, are putting their child's health at risk. Which ever way you look at it, smoking is a nasty, dangerous and probably a fool's game at the end of the day. (My opinion) and children need to be taught these dangers... However i know this has nothing to do with the question, but research has also shown that obesity is far more dangerous than smoking, so why are these issues not being debated as well??? Just a thought..

  • It's not their choice

    You're allowed to do whatever you want to your body. Your smoking is not your child's choice. Smoking is bad for you, everyone knows that. I don't understand why you wouldn't want the best for your child. Maybe it's just me but unless you'd light up a cigarette for your child don't smoke around them.

  • Parents should not be allowed to smoke around children.

    Second-hand smoking is a danger to all non-smokers. Even worse, Children are slowly being killed by their own parents! A parent cannot be in the house, in the car (if children are driven in it) and not even seen by their parrents. Worse, if a little boy likes to be like his daddy but his daddy smokes, he'll be at his deathbed with lung cancer by 40!

    I'm a 12 year old named Cole looking up info for a debate. Thank you.

  • Killing our children slowly

    Second hand smoke enters the lungs of our growing children and prevents them from properly developing lung capacity and places chemicals and toxins in their precious bodies. So how can this be legal? Should it be legal to poison children? Well apparently it is. Only a blind selfish arrogant idiot would smoke in a home or car that would introduce toxins and chemicals willingly to their children. There is no argument that would prove this wrong.

  • Smoking Around Children

    I think that smoking around children should definitely be banned. Smoking is a disgusting habit that has no place in our society. It is one of the worst things you could possibly do to your body. Why subject children to the toxic fumes? Smoking can cause asthma for children and give them cancer as well. It is child abuse and also mental abuse. You think their friends don't notice that all their items smell like smoke? I wouldn't hang around someone whose book bag/clothes smell like smoke in high school because I didn't like smokers and I would assume that the person who smelled like smoke was a smoker.

    I think that parents that smoke are disgusting and lazy. Who could do that to an infant, who is so innocent? Any parent that smokes around their children/in the house should have their children taken away from them.

    There are so many things wrong with smoking, and I don't understand why people buy them. I was raised to think that those things were nasty. I will NEVER pick up a cigarette not just because they are harmful but they DISGUST me and people that smoke DISGUST me. I hope lawmakers crack down on these abusive parents and ban smoking in general overall!

  • Second Hand Smoke Kills

    Smoking around children causes death and/or problems with the child. Not only is the child being hurt by the second hand smoke but so is the adult. The child is not going to know not to inhale the smoke and sometimes won't be able to stop their parents from smoking.

  • Learn the facts...

    The facts are that smoking around children is not harmful at least after the child is born. I mean many children live with smoking parents and do they get diseases? No. Do you want your child to be subjected to a world without a parent just because some extremist thinks your parent is abusive? No. Its just a load to me.
    -Ian Tanner

  • no

    There is no proof that smoking has effects on children and there would be no way to enforce it

  • Would be nice, but isn't practical

    Lets face it. Many kids today are around people who drink and smoke. Get over it. This would be impossible to enforce anyways.

  • Smoking is dangerous, but you can not separate a child from their parents.

    Parents smoking around their children is morally wrong, but you cannot ban it. How would that ban be enforced? A parent would be arrested, possibly leaving the child alone in the home, or taken to social services, because the parent was caught smoking? This is more traumatic than the smoking itself.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Impossible to uphold.

    Unless the smoking is in public, or a concerned person calls you out on it after seeing it in private, there is no way to really tell it is going on, nor can you really prosecute against it. At least with child abuse, you have bruising and the like; you don't even get that with smoking near a child.

  • Its really dumb

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  • Its really dumb

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  • Its really dumb

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  • Its really dumb

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  • Its A Free Country!

    People should be allowed to smoke around children because they can smoke where ever they want unless there is a sign saying "No Smoking". If a Child is walking by a person smoking They Should Just Hold Their Breath For A Few Seconds and when they are further away from the person the can start breathing again.

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