• I Think It Should

    It could lead to bad health and strokes and heart problems and soon death by the age of 70. It should because it will reduce health problems and more people can come and live in the world. Smoking can kill you, kill you, kill you!!!! If you are an idiot smoke.

  • Sure smoking is bad for you

    Yes, while smoking is bad for your health, it shouldn't be illegal. Banning cigarettes is like banning soft drinks or fatty foods all together. If your going to ban cigarettes, then you better ban alcohol too, that causes just about as many problems as cigarettes do. Cigarettes are indeed addicting, and I don't think they should be marketed to kids, but banning them altogether is not gonna stop kids from getting them, in fact, might even make them more dangerous. The simple fact that it is now illegal might draw more young people to start smoking to be even more "rebellious".

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