• yes it should.

    Smoking in public needs to be banned because people do not want to get second hand smoke have their kids around the smoke, or have to breathe it in while they are trying to enjoy the nice fresh air. Smoking is a persons choice but that does not mean the rest of us should have to pay the price for it.

  • Smoking influences children to smoke.

    Children are easily influenced. If a six year old is walking down the street and a group of smokers walk by and they all look happy, then what is that naïve child supposed to think? They are going to think that smoking makes you happy. And if they think that smoking makes you happy or cool or popular, then what is preventing them from growing up and becoming addicted to cigarettes? Would you want your child's life to end at an early age, just because since a young age they have thought that smoking made you happy?

  • Yes, it should.

    When you smoke in public, you are hurting yourself. Why should the others care? It doesn't affect them, does it? Well when you smoke, you let out secondhand smoke which, when the public breathes it in, can cause all of the health problems caused by normal smoking! The public doesn't deserve a forced health risk whenever they go outside of their home. Many enclosed "smoking areas" should be created in the public for smokers to smoke so they don't harm the rest of the people.

  • smoking kills, it must be banned!

    Since I lost my grandfather 3years ago because of smoking, I'm definitely against it. I was too much dependent on him, I mean all his grandchildren were, and we lost him just because of his stupid habit of smoking.
    Smokers are supposed to care much more in advance about themselves and after that about their families and people they are living with. Its not right to ruin everything easily just because they are interested in smoking!

  • Hazardous to others, contributes to pollution and discomfort!

    Smoking in public not only makes it worse for asthmatic people to breathe but it also contributes to the rise of cancer through second-hand smoking. Apart from making your clothes smell of smoke, the cigarette stench from smokers is hard to deal with. Environment wise, you are 'putting in' more cancerous chemicals into the surrounding and air effortlessly!

  • Yes, but not outdoors

    Smokers are already banned from most public buildings and I don't believe many of them complain about that as they realize themselves that it is an unhealthy habit and it's not good to inflict that on non-smokers. But I would not define the outdoors as "in public" because no one is confined to breath the same air in the smoker's area. A smoker needs to have some relief from everyone else's rights and some rights of their own.

  • Yes, public smoking should be banned.

    Smoking in public should be banned because second hand smoking can affect people just as bad. It can cause a number of different lung diseases such as lung cancer, COPD, and asthma. It is best for the smokers to smoke in a confined places, such as their own houses away from other people.

  • Private Matter.

    Smoking in public should be banned. Smoking itself should be banned but that is a separate issue. Smoking and even more so, second hand smoke is unhealthy and no one should be subjected to its effects when they don't want to be. People who smoke can do so in private away from others.

  • Yes Smoking in Public Should Be Banned

    Second hand smoke causes complications for a lot of people, not just the people smoking. Since it affects others negatively, it's unfair to ask them to sit through that in any way. If people wish to smoke in the privacy of their own home, that is one thing, but they should not expect to be able to smoke wherever they like.

  • Don't harm others with your self destruction?

    As a smoker, I see the harm in smoking. Why should we be able to give others the same harm we choose against their will. It's not very hard to step away in private to smoke. I think smoking should at least be illegal within 10-15 feet of public facilities.

  • Smoking is a personal choice

    If a person wants to smoke it fine that is there own problem it's there descion that hurts others and them selves but they decided it. If you were doing something you like and a person took it away because they don't like it you would be upset. And I know this sounds weird but I love the way ciggaretts smell it's almost a reward to smell them in public.

  • No Smoking Should Not be banned in public.

    As much as I would love to say yes to this question, I believe it would be unfair to ban smoking in public places. This could potentially cause severe stress for cigarette smokers and might even lead to such seemingly unrelated events as car accidents, accidents at work, verbal or physical violence. Also, we must be wary of our "public places" increasingly becoming private ones; we should be allowed to take up space and be who we want to be in public.

  • No, smoking in public should not be banned.

    As much as I would love to say yes to this question, I believe it would be unfair to ban smoking in public places. This could potentially cause severe stress for cigarette smokers and might even lead to such seemingly unrelated events as car accidents, accidents at work, verbal or physical violence. Also, we must be wary of our "public places" increasingly becoming private ones; we should be allowed to take up space and be who we want to be in public.

  • Smoking in public should not be banned

    The ban would without a doubt, be looked upon as discriminative towards age. No one should have the right to say what others can or cannot do with their own bodies. Even though smoking is considered to be harmful for our bodies, it is unreasonable to set a double standard for the younger generation. In general, prejudice against anyone for no reason is immoral. Likewise, there is no genuine reason to why this specific year has been chosen. I believe that smoking might be a dangerous and ill-advised thing to do, however it's not the government's job to make those decisions for us. The ban is also unfair to younger generations who already feel disadvantaged as they are often misrepresented, and discriminated against already. Riots and protests would most likely be an outcome of this prohibition and could cause a large amount of conflict among the community. Also, some the younger generation would still be able to have access to cigarettes through older citizens.

    Black markets and organised crimes are issues that are progressively worsening. Also, the smoking ban could cause many black markets in the tobacco industry. This is mainly because quitting something bad becomes much quicker and easier when it is facilitated, not forced. When people smoke or start smoking they are usually in their adolescent years, which is one of the most vulnerable times of their life. They are more inclined to follow trends, and experiment with things. If smoking is banned, it could cause younger citizens to make illegally smoking cigarettes, a trend. Similar to consuming drugs and alcohol underage. It will also be unsafe for the people involved in the black markets. The smoking ban would, in all probability, be useless. Just like consuming drugs, and drinking underage, it would obviously still be done illegally. Smoking can even be compared to junk food. If people, and even children, are permitted to eat junk food, why shouldn’t we all just be allowed to smoke? Better yet, why don't be ban everything that is a possible danger and threat to us, and that could potentially lead to death? It’s true, that even junk food can be compared to smoking. It causes an abundant of health problems, is addictive, and is done by a large portion of the community. Isn’t it true that society accepts that some adults decide to harm themselves, as long as they don’t harm others?
    It would be impossible to police this ban in many public places. Small workplaces will often ignore the ban and are unlikely to be caught. Also, banning smoking in public will encourage people to smoke more at home. This will harm other people in their house, and cause second hand smoking, particularly with children.
    Banning smoking would be an exercise in way too much government control. Then wouldn't we have to ban drinking because it causes domestic violence and needless car crashes?

    A section from my debating speech from 3 years ago^ xD

  • Indoor public places- Yes, and its already banned. Outdoor public places- Some restrictions in place, but definitely not a full ban.

    What can possibly be wrong with smoking outdoors? Its practically the best way to disburse the toxic fumes, far better than in contained indoor spaces. If you fear second-hand smoke exposure, then don't stand next to a smoker out in public. That being said, people talk about smoking outdoors like its such a big hazard- they haven't got a clue. The fumes emitted from cars, factories, and construction sites are a far greater and uncontrollable health hazard than a handful of cigarettes being smoked every hundred yards.

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