Should smoking in public places be allowed in India?

  • Smoking should be allowed

    Instead of torturing the public in putting penalty let them ban the manufacturing of cigarette itself. Let the government help smokers in creating a separate smoking zone. This will avoid smoking in public places. Every individual has to come to zone for smoking. The impact will be less if there is zone available.

  • Yes, it is a matter of freedom.

    Yes, smoking in public places should be allowed in India, because it is not that intrusive. Smoking in public might inconvenience one or two people that have to walk away from smoke, But the upside of that is that people can smoke when they want to. There can still be limitations on smoking inside buildings, but people should have a choice to smoke outside.

  • Smoke 'em if you got 'em

    While smoking is clear bad for one's health, choosing to smoke or not to smoke is a matter of personal liberty. Banning smoking in public is costly to enforce, and is largely a symbolic gesture, as smoke wafting down a street is unlikely to cause serious health issues in bystanders.

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  • I don´t have to smoke what you smoke.

    People can be very affect with all the smoke. The majority of people affected are kids. If you smoke on a public place is like you want to hurt people on the way. Is a Lack of respect. Please tell to your family or friends to not do it. Thanks.

  • Smoking should be allowed

    Smoking should be allowed in public places, if not government can create a smoking zone for helping the public. Every personal has to come to smoking zone for smoking. The same is applicable for government official as well. "Instead of raising the prices for cigarette. Let them ban the manufacturing itself" Then the workload for department will also come down. Instead of torturing the public. No single cigarette should be available in country.

  • Public Smoking a Health Hazard

    Public smoking is a major health hazard that contributes to the cancer rate in society. Therefore, India should not allow public smoking in any capacity. The country needs to focus upon banning public smoking to help its people in the best way possible. No smoking in public is better than any level of smoking.

  • No, smoking in public places should not be allowed in India.

    No, smoking in public places should not be allowed in India. People should not be subjected to the dangers of second hand smoke if they do not want to be. Smoking should be banned in public place sin India and every other country in the world. If people want to smoke they should have to do it in the privacy of their own homes.

  • Smokings hould never be allowed in public

    I may be a little biased about this since I am not a smoker; but, I do not think smoking should be allowed in ANY public places, with the exception of bars. People who do not smoke should not have to be forced to be around and inhale second hand smoke.

  • Smoking should not be allowed in public places

    The health risks posed by smoking are universal and smoking should be limited to specific areas. Smokers can choose to keep smoking and assume the risk cancer and other respiratory illnesses, but it's unfair for them to expose the non-smoking public and especially children to those same risks. Smoke at your own risk, but not at risk to others.

  • Smoking is bad for all

    Smoking in public places should not be allowed in India or anywhere else. There are no benefits to allow smoking in public. It is bad for the smoker bad for those around them and bad for the environment. To allow it would put more people at a greater risk of disease.

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