• There's no reason for marijuana to be illegal

    The studies that have been done prove that marijuana can help people. People who smoke cigarettes have a higher risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease. Marijuana has very little if not any horrible long term health problems. Marijuana has stunted the growth of cancer cells in cancer patients. So yes I believe that marijuana should be legalized.

  • Marijuana is completely harmless.

    Marijuana is a harmless drug, incapable of producing overdose or addiction. The reason marijuana was initially illegal is because of the end of Prohibition. Alcohol was fixing to become legal again, so Harry Anslinger (who answered directly to J. Edgar Hoover) was tasked with finding a substitute to replace alcohol. He looked to Harlem, where he saw all the blacks smoking marijuana. Problem solved. It remains illegal today because pharmaceutical companies couldn't compete and prisons make far more money off of drug busts than they ever would off of legalizing and taxing it.

  • It is does virtually no harm if eaten.

    Cannabis has no reason to be illegal due to the facts that is will be good for the economy, it's not a gateway drug, the prohibition on cannabis is leading to much violence and cannabis does not cause violence by itself. To begin, is weed were to be legalized, the economy would get better because the government spends tons of money enforcing the prohibition and setting up court dates, providing lawyers, etc. to those convicted of violating the drug law. Also it's not a gateway drug because, there is nothing in cannabis that influences the user into doing harder drugs. Take alcohol for example. I could claim that milk is a gateway drink to harder drinks such as alcohol. So now you might ask try to argue that violence is why it should remain illegal. Well if it were legalized, than the violence would disapear. It's just common sense that when there is a high demand for something and it is illegal, people will use it. Look at the prohibition on alcohol, once the drug was outlawed, violence erupted. Criminals like Al Capone started A LOT of violence. If it were to be legalized, dispenseries would solve the cartels and it would reduce the influence from dealers for harder drugs. Also, money would be made.

  • I think it should.

    There is no point banning it, if one wants to smoke, he'll get it one way or another, also its less addicting than nicotine or alcohol if that is still not enough study shows that smoking marijuana is actually beneficial for your health. Some says that this is gateway drug, but it is not really true, there are people who did heavy drugs without smoking pot and also people smoking pot who never did meth or coke.

  • People bshould be allowed to use marijuanua because it is a personal choice.

    If people want to use marijuanua in whatever way they choose it should be legal to do. It is a consentual act and should not be banned because it only affects the user if used away from people (secondhand smoke). It is an act that signifies you are a free person capable of making your own decisions in life.

  • It's not as intoxicating as Alcohol

    It isn't as bad for you as tobacco or alcohol which both are legal. So why is it that marijuana is illegal if it isn't as bad. It is also causing problems in the paper industry because it is illegal. This is one way the government makes it illegal to make paper out of hemp which is not intoxicating.

  • It does not meet the qualifications of a schedule 1 controlled substance.

    Marijuana in no shape or for meets the requirements of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Period. It is a plant with numerous medical, industrial, and recreational benefits. To ignore this science is to say the world is flat. What needs to occur, and is occurring is a paradigm shift in how we see marijuana. Stick with science, it'll do you right

  • Should Smoking Marijuana Be Legalized? NO!

    No matter what it is still a drug. No matter what it can still kill... No matter what it can make YOU go crazy in the head...

    Be aware of this. As we all know it is not dangerous, but that doesn't mean we let it in to addict us.

    Example: you find a cute bunny. Everyone is left off-guard. The bunny is rabid and for the rest of your life you are in a bad-condition...

  • I think that it shouldn't be legal

    The smoke does have carcinogens (all smoke from plants have carcinogens. It burns hotter than cigarettes, leading to more cillia damage in the throat. Is a gateway drug... HOWEVER, it is not the only one. Any drug taken first before a person tries another would technically be a gateway drug. Smoking pot does not mean you automatically take another drug. It ts referred to as a gateway drug cause most users of other, harder drugs started on pot. Though not physically addictive, it is mentally addictive. It's medical uses are questionable. I don't mean when used with cancer treatments to aid with nausea and minor pain. I mean with psychological disorders (depression, stress, etc.) The benefits of hemp are grossly over-estimated and sometimes flat-out wrong.

  • It should stay illegal

    Smoking marijuana causes rapid heart beat, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, and can lead to depression. It can also harm your brain. It slows down all functions, and the THC can disrupt nerve cells in the brain affecting memory. Marijuana is also the gateway to all other sorts of drugs. Everyone i know who has been addicted to drugs says that the first drug they used was marijuana. Honestly all marijuana is going to do is help make you stupid.

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