• Why is there only one post?

    Of course smoking should be illegal! It is dangerous, smelly, and unhealthy. 50% of deaths in the world are from smoking. It causes lung cancer, pneumonia, and other diseases. If you ask me, those little tubes of paper and leaves are awful. Cigarettes are NOT cool, bruh! XD XD like and reply. (plz)

  • Health Issues are a major factor

    Smoking tobacco not only harms the smoker, but other people around that smoker via passive smoking. This can then lead to major illnesses such as asthma attacks or cancer. If a person died from cancer caused by passive smoking, that is a form of euthanasia. This could also harm children, which could have damaging effects which they would have to live with for the rest of the life, and it could even shorten their life.

  • "Don't make anything illegal unless it can be used to harm others"

    Quoting an argument on the opposite side, I am here to make the argument that Smoking CAN hurt others who aren't smoking. Secondhand smoke can cause up to 41,000 deaths, in the US alone. This figure only counts adults, as well. How many people die worldwide? I don't know. But considering that it's 41,000 deaths in the US, do we really want to take the chance and see what happens worldwide?

  • Tobacco Kills People

    No, I'm not simply going to say that "Tobacco kills the user", as most people say. Quoting the "Our Body, Our Choice" Paragraph that is saying that tobacco shouldn't be illegal, "don't make anything illegal unless it can be used to harm others". I would like to say that tobacco CAN harm people who don't use it; secondhand smoke kills about 41,000 deaths each year in the United States, and that's only counting adults; who knows what happens to infants exposed to smokers? The thing is, I can't answer that, and that's terrifying.

  • Tobacco consumption should remain legal but regulated.

    An outright ban on tobacco would be unwise as it would most likely result in illegal cigarette smuggling through neighboring countries which would benefit organized crime and distract law enforcement from more important tasks. Although the smoking of tobacco would probably decrease significantly, there is always the possibility that smokers would turn to more dangerous or addictive substitutes.

  • Prohibition doesn't work

    People have to understand that prohibition of popular and widely used substances does not work - if you're reading this and don't understand that, please try to. Prohibition of cigarettes would be dumb and impossible to enforce, even more impractical and ill conceived than prohibition of alcohol was a hundred years ago.

  • Our body, our choice

    There's an ugly movement is liberalism to promote health consciousness by getting rid of unhealthy things, despite the idea that America is built on the foundation that we the people should be free to do whatever we want. If we're pushing to legalize marijuana, as well we should be, why should we crack down on nicotine? Promote the knowledge that smoking tobacco causes risks, but don't make anything illegal unless it can be used to harm others.

  • Prohibition never works.

    As we learned during the 1920s when we attempted to ban alcohol in the United States, and as we appear incapable of accepting in modern times with marijuana, prohibition simply does not work. We are doing what we can to make the use of tobacco socially unacceptable through outlawing public smoking and through public health campaigns, and that is working. But a ban would not.

  • Smoking tobacco should not be illegal.

    Smoking tobacco should not be illegal. Tobacco has been around for centuries and is a natural growing crop that farmers make their living off growing. The amount of taxes that are generated from tobacco is a lot and is used by every state in America. If we ban tobacco then that revenue is lost and the economy would suffer even more.

  • Prohibition Creates Criminals

    I do not believe smoking tobacco should be illegal. Prohibition has shown to be a major failure, regardless of what is being banned. Prohibition simply creates more criminals, it doesn't solve the problem, nor does it remove the product from the market. Therefore, people will continue to smoke tobacco rather it is legal or illegal.

  • Of Course Not

    Adults should be permitted to make adult decisions. This includes the right to ingest anything that an adult wants to ingest, including smoking tobacco. Making smoking illegal is an overly paternalistic an immoral restriction on a persons natural rights. Tobacco smoking should not be banned or made illegal in any way.

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