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  • No, no, no

    Snipers should not be viewed as cowards, nor should any man or woman that chooses to fight for their nation. The most that you should say, is that you disagree with the logistics. You can disapprove of the tactics, or the finances, or the reason why the war is being fought in the first place, but at the end of the day, most of the men and women fighting overseas are doing so for selfless reasons.

    The people who could more rightly be considered cowards are the very people who choose not to fight, and then condemn those who do.

  • No, Snipers should not be categorized as coward.

    In my view,be a sniper, is a special qualification, that person develops after much efforts. When it comes to war, or defending ourselves or country, it is my opinion that we can use the strategies that can benefit us most. Specially, when it comes war zone, to accomplish the mission.

  • They are doing a service.

    Snipers who work for the government and seek to root out terrorism are doing a valuable service for the country. They are critical for national security. It must take nerve to have to be such a precise shot in a very tense situation. They are doing a good thing for us and keep us safe. That is not cowardly.

  • Are snipers good?

    I can't go as far as saying that snipers are good, because they can be bad if they are going after innocent people. I don't know why someone would say snipers are cowards, I guess because snipers don't shoot people where they can be seen? People shoot people in the back but aren't snipers.

  • No, Snipers are not cowards

    A sniper is not a coward, anyone who puts their own life at risk for their country is not a coward. That statement implies only those who kill close up are not cowards. What about the fighter pilot dropping bombs? Or the mortar soldier firing mortars? Neither are cowards, just brave.

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