Should Snoop Dogg AKA Calvin Broadus keep changing his name (yes) or keep his current moniker (no)?

  • Yes, Snoop Dogg should keep changing his nickname.

    Snoop Dogg is brilliant because he understands how to market himself to his base and how to expand to new audiences. He changed his name to "Snoop Lion" to reflect himself as a regaee artist and it worked because it got him news stories and publicity that he would have otherwise not had.

  • No one will know him if he changes his name

    The name Snoop Dogg is so well known that he would be foolish to change his name again. If he wants to sell the most amount of records he will use his original name that everyone knows rather than keep changing it. If he does change it again it will likely be just another variation on Snoop Dogg like he did with "Snoop Lion".

  • Keep Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg should not change his name, Snoop Dogg is a brand just like Cocoa Cola or Pepsi. Changing Snoop Dogg name to anything different could lose him a much needed fan base. Therefore, Snoop Dogg who is not as successful as P Diddy who has changed his name several times should not change his name. There is brand recognition in regards to name even in regards to rappers.

  • It Is Hard To Keep Up With

    I hope Snoop Dogg stops changing his name, because the last heard it was "Snoop Lion." The :MonIker" one, I have not even heard of yet.. He just needs to go back to "Snoop Dogg," because that is what everyone knows him as anyway Why would he want to change the name that he profited so heavily off of?

  • No, he should keep his current moniker.

    No, Snoop Dogg has spent years working to make sure that people across America recognize his name. His name is essentially what he has been selling all of these years, especially when you consider that he uses his own name frequently while rapping. Interjecting his name in popular songs made him famous. He would have to recreate that fame if he selected a new name, and that can take decades of hard work. After years of relaxing and profiting on his name, he is likely not prepared to basically start his career over from scratch.

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