• Yes: Snoop Dogg Should be Snoop Lion

    Artists are an interesting bunch, and the desire to express oneself through any art form, whether it be music, painting, dance, or what have you, comes along with it a sense of self definition and self exploration. The transformation of Snoop Dogg into Snoop Lion suggests that the rapper is seeking to shift his image and is seeking out a new mode which conforms to his changing ideals. Since Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr, is not the artist's given name, we can see that he already has within him the need to self create and self define. The transition to a new name represents not a break, but rather an evolution in his artistic process. The depth to which this transformation manifests has yet to be seen, and it could come back to haunt him. Never the less, he is a successful artist and his desire to make a change should be viewed with interest both by fans of his work and the rap music audience in general.

  • He is already known.

    Snoop Dogg should not rename himself Snoop Lion, because he is already known as Snoop Dogg. It would be a lot harder for him to market himself because people would be confused about his identity. Besides, he is much more believable as a dog than he is a lion. Lions look dissimilar to Snoop Dogg.

  • Snoop Dogg Is Better

    I am not certain why Snoop Dogg has attempted to rename himself Snoop Lion, but assume he has some logical well thought out reasons for it. Being a fan, I have to say I prefer Snoop Dogg, but that may simply be because I am so use to it at this point.

  • Keep the name, Snoop

    Snoop, you are a rapper and an aging rapper, at that. you have been known by that name since the early-90s, and you have defined yourself as a specific person. Just continue to be who you are and don't try to fundamentally change just because time has passed. Besides, you aren't a Jamaican.

  • As an older artist it is sometimes important to reinvent yourself.

    Snoop Dog is a very famous rapper from the 90's. He is very well known for that genre and popular amongst that generation. He has lately tried to reach a new audience in a new genre. This can sometimes be difficult without reinventing your image. The genre he is trying to is a type of Reggae. Lions are very popular in Reggae so the name change might be good for him. Changing his name also lets people know he is doing something different.

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