Should snowmobiles be banned in US national parks?

  • I support the idea of snowmobiles being banned in US National Parks. These parks should be sacred areas and snowmobiles pose a threat to their survival.

    Snowmobiles are a great recreational vehicle but I do not believe they should be allowed in US National Parks. National Parks are landmarks and should be treated as sacred, shared property that should be protected from any and all harm.
    Snowmobiles pose a threat to their beauty because when used improperly, they can cause severe damage to the park, they can result in human injury, and also can result to injury to wildlife that exists in these types of parks.
    There are so many other places where snowmobiles may be used, so I see no reason why National Parks would have to be one of those places.

    Posted by: HayChi
  • If national parks are to remain wild, then manmade technology such as snowmobiles have to place in them.

    Assuming that the national park system is truly in place to protect the wilderness and ecosystems of the areas included in them, then the amount of manmade technology allowed into the park should be limited to only extraordinary circumstances, such as search and rescue, and not just for "fun" or "sporting" purposes.

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • The purpose of a national park is to preserve the natural beauty of the US; by allowing vehicles it damages the pristine natural environment.

    A national park's purpose is to preserve a location that is deemed to have significant natural beauty such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. By allowing vehicles such as snowmobiles to enter these areas, especially driven by normal citizens who might be untrained in wildlife preservation, it raises the risk of disrupting the balance of nature and damaging the park. Furthermore, the noise and pollution hamper the enjoyment of the park by other park goers.

    Posted by: P3rEver
  • Snowmobiles are deteriorating the national parks.

    Snowmobiles should be banned from national parks. They contribute to deteriorating the parks. They cause pollution; and they disturb the wildlife. The national parks should be kept as much of a natural environment as possible. Snowmobiles make it possible for humans to get too far into the wildlife. They should be left alone.

    Posted by: VasilBuddy
  • Snowmobiles should be banned in national parks because they're a nuisance.

    Snowmobiles should be banned in national parks because they're a nuisance. They're loud and environmentally unsound and the riders are often reckless and destructive. The national parks belong to everyone, not just snowmobilers. It's unfortunate for them if they can't find another place to go, but they should not be allowed to indulge at everyone else's expense.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • I oppose snowmobiles in the US national park because they disrupt animal life, can provide environmental harm and are a disturbance to other visitors.

    Herds of wild animals are a valuable part of the US National Parks. Individuals on snowmobiles serves as a threat to their winter habitats. Snowmobiles enable individuals to reach areas that might not normally be assessable to them thereby causing disruption to the animals normal behavior. Snowmobiles also provide a noisy distraction to those on snow shoes or cross country skiing. Part of the appeal to individuals choosing to visit the National Parks in winter is to enjoy the beauty and quiet natural sounds of the park. Snowmobiles interfere with this. And finally they have the potential to do damage to the environment by tearing up trails, creating litter and damage if fuel leeks.

    Posted by: SportElan
  • Snowmobiles can do a lot of damage to land and can cause people to get hurt so they should be banned from some places.

    A snowmobile can cause damage to wildlife. If snowmobiles are always driving around national parks then there are going to be things that are going to get ruined. Also the fact of people getting injured due to accidents should be included in this decision. If a snowmobile rider doesn't notice a pedestrian than they may accidently run them over.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Snowmobiles should be banned from national parks to preserve nature.

    The use of snowmobiles should be banned from United States national parks because they are a nuisance from a general viewpoint. Snowmobiles disturb the ability to peacefully enjoy the national park system due to the noise they create. The damage done to the landscape and natural habitat of animals is not easily repaired and is difficult to maintain when snowmobiles are present.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • R U kidding? Snow is all about the beauty and quiet. This is something that can't be bought.

    Just more confusion and pollution with no benefit physically, only destruction of our habitat, and all of nature. Motorized vehicles are frightening to all animals including humans. Snow is a beautiful blanket upon all the Earth, quiet, finally. Wake up people! Do we really need to kill everything on Earth?

  • Keeping my land open to all

    As a major land owner here in Wisconsin with the WI ice age trail on some of it I have some wet lands bogs ect, I keep all my land open to everyone hikers hunters and snowmobilers . If one group can not learn to share with another I will be shutting my land down to everyone. I forty years I have never seen any impact from snowmobilers on my land what so ever. Learn to share or all my land get shut down. ~ Badger from Wisconsin

  • There is no reason to ban.

    Why have such an amazing landscape in a country and ban citizens from using it. A small portion of the areas are actually good snowmobile material so the animals still have majority of the are. Sleds don't actually wreck anything as there is new snow every time it snows. From what if seen the animals like using the groomed trails to get around cause it makes it easier to walk.

    UP in Canada they made caribou closures where you are not allowed to ride. Guess where the caribou are... Off the closures using the trails.

    Most sledders like the deep open powder and steep hills.
    Those aren't the most ideal areas for animals. I don't know if people think the animals are out there doing steep hills and cliff drops and we are chasing them away.

    And maybe the animals are complaining cause we are using up all the fresh powder that they wanted do try walking thru first.

  • Nobody or there mode of transportation should be banned from national parks.

    These tracks of land were set aside for everyone to use and see the splendor that this land has been graced with. A small group shouldn't have the right to tell anyone what can and can not be brought into these areas. Snowmobiles provide skiers deeper access into areas where only the birds are around to be offended. If banning a sport is the path chosen, it will surely lead to a fight that nobody wants or needs. Enforce the laws already on the books for everyone using these areas.

  • Viewing the park on a snowmobile is the best, safest and has the LEAST environmental impact! !!!

    Snowmobiling has the least amount of environmental impact on the park. They're riding on several feet of snow that melts away and leaves no trace of their presence. They have vastly improved emissions and even the oldest technology doesn't even come close to the amount of air pollution and noise emitted by the tens of thousands of cars, busses and RV's traveling through the park regularly. The only reason those bison are in that picture is because there's a packed trail for them to follow. They don't look too bothered because they can easily traverse the packed trail rather than trudging through deep snow.

  • Ignorance is overwhelming on the yes side of this issue

    Tear up the ground ? Less than .05lb fer sq inch and that is over 3 feet of snow. Hikers boots over 5 lbs per sq inch.
    Emissions? Really snowmobiles for over a decade have had to go through tight EPA standards and the amount of them actually being used is ridiculously low I would bet the emissions from a whole season of sled use in the nat parks is less than 1 day of bumper to bumper in july in Yellowstone.
    Most snowmobiling in nat parks is done at over 8000 feet. Most wilderness if not hibernating have left this elevation for the Vally for many reasons food the main one long before snowmobile season starts. Hard to forge in 13 feet of snow. Ever been up in the hills in jan? I can tell u the few animals that do stay up there the trails they do use to get from place to place are the ones made by sleds ? Why because it makes there life a lot more ez to not have to walk through 13 feet of snow it there is a semi packed trail to use.
    Most sledders love the out doors want to be in the out doors on a reg biases in all seasons unlike the are chair environmentalists who act with no real education on the subject .

  • Snowmobiles should be allowed, they are less disruptive than ever.

    Every year, a larger percentage of the engines are four stroke, like a car engine. Regulations make them quieter than ever, fuel injection systems and lower oil consumption reduce smoke and pollution. There is no way there will ever be as much pollution from snowmobiles in the winter as what comes from cars, trucks and RV's in the summer.

  • Lets keep it open for Future Generations

    I've visited West Yellowstone on a sled and a motorcycle and I plan on visiting the parks with my children when there old enough to appreciate it. I feel if you ban snowmobiles you should ban all motorized travel. As I'm sure that a motorcycle or a motorhome will pollute far more than a four stoke snowmobile dose.

  • Snowmobiles should be allowed

    There are already too many laws on the books as it is. Snowmobiles don't pose a risk to anyone. If someone gets hit by a snowmobile there are already plenty of crimes to charge them with ex: assault, disorderly conduct, etc. Charge them with those. Don't punish the whole for the actions of a few.

  • It doesn't do any harm.

    I ride snowmobiles all the time. It doesn't do anything to hurt the animals in the environment. Boats and jet skis do 100 times more damage to the lakes in the US. Its winter, most animals in these parks are hibernating. You might hurt a couple already dead trees, that's all.

  • No, snowmobiles could be ridden safely.

    Snowmobiles help move snow and are a good transportation vehicle. Banning them can cause people to not go to national parks and see the beautiful landscape around it. Some people have to walk through parks to have a faster way to work or school if they don’t drive or ride a bus. Ye snowmobiles can be dangerous but they can be ridden in safe ways. All you would need is someone who knows how to drive or ride a snowmobile.

  • Yellowstone

    The only way to practically see Yellowstone during the winter is by snow mobile. There are few other visitors during the winter times to get hurt. As long as they are strictly regulated an it is safe for people who are not on them it should be fine. Also, ground is a very good structural device. Simply driving over a burrow would not destroy it. Have you tried destroying Squirrel holes and gopher holes when they are in your lawn? It is darn near impossible!

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