• FUTSAL is not too dangerous

    Futsal is already being played on cement all over the world. If you say that it is too dangerous, then I do not think we should play basketball on cement either. I see basketball players fall on the ground all the time. Futsal is less physical than a 11v11 game of soccer, so comparing futsal to grass soccer does not work. They are actually a lot different. Ideally it would be nice to get a better surface than cement but nobody has the money to build that many nice courts for everywhere we go.

  • Of course it should

    If you didn't know, there is something called Futsal, which is basically football played in a concrete pitch, like basketball. In fact, futsal is played by more people in Brazil than the regular field football, and as a Brazilian, I can assure you that it can be played virtually anywhere: in grass, concrete, asphalt, tiles, etc.

  • I don't think so.

    It seems to me that playing soccer on cement wouldn't really be a good idea. People tend to fall and trip constantly in that sport and I don't see falling on cement leading to a good outcome. Grass is probably much better suited to the sport and for causing less injuries.

  • It is too dangerous

    It should not be allowed and it is too dangerous. Once a person falls the injuries would be worse than on grass. Anything considering concrete creates a very negative and bad view. Soccer is meant to be played on grass and the main purpose of soccer boots are to provide grip in wet and dry conditions on grass.

  • Soccer is dangerous on cement

    It is dangerous on cement because they can fall brake a bone or fracture something. This rough with pushing ands lots more. If u didn't notice there are a lot of falls in a game.Also you may yell and get in a conflict at a young age and start to fight this is very dangerous. At least if u are going play play on grass.

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