Should social issues be a part of Democrat vs. Republican?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Yes I believe so.

    Gay rights, women's rights, ethnic equality, healthcare rights, and disabled rights are all important. Honest question: are you honestly saying to ignore these or am I tired? LOL. I mean no offence at all by my statement. Stupid word filler is a pain in my ***! Word up, yo! Another word.

  • I am very upset by it.

    I understand that the best way to move forward social issues such as gay marriage is to put them in the front of the political minefield, but we have a major economic problem. I would rather have people discussing the pressing economic situation or Syria then have people continue to say "I am against gays because I am unsure of my own sexuality" or "I hate homos because I am uncomfortable with the idea of how they would have sex". I would rather finish up with the social issue problem, but I feel that people vote against what is fiscally beneficial for them and everyone because they have social issues take precedent.

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