• Obviously, it is a representation of who you are as a person!

    Unless you work for the government, you should get fired for your inappropriate posts online. Employers have the right to select their employees based on their character and work ethic. Somebody who bashes their company/boss online should be held ACCOUNTABLE. If you were to hire somebody... Wouldn't you want a well-rounded and respectful employee choice?

  • No, it shouldn't.

    No, I do not think that social media activity should cost you your job. If this was a rule, I think that about 95% of people would be unemployed. Nearly everyone uses social media today, and sometimes they use it at work. It seems to be an addition that no one can get rid of.

  • Security of freedom of speech

    If employers can fire people for one political statement they can do so for any political statement. If an employer can fire an employee for holding or stating any political opinion online, then no employee can say anything political for fear of losing their job, thereby nullifying freedom of speech.

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  • Freedom of speech

    Social media is meant to express yourself in the limited ways the internet gives you. You should never have to fear about losing your job using social media, in fact it is our right to freedom of speech. Getting fired for social media is like trying to suppress your voice.

  • Quality of work.

    Employment should be based on quality of work, not on your opinions and what you do in your spare time. As long as a person is not sharing their thoughts on a social media site while they are working, social media should not play a factor in their employment. The only time I could foresee social media playing a factor in employment is in the case of military personnel and if they give out information that could be considered a threat to the welfare of the citizens. How you feel in regards to your work does not affect your quality of work. Many people hate their jobs but are still extremely good at what they do.

  • The Boss's Rules Should End When You Punch Out

    Employment is exchanging money for services i.E. Your money for obedience. If the boss demands you obey him off work then he should also have to pay you for all those hours as well including overtime. Instead it's better that people have their work life and their personal life and the rules of the workplace are for the workplace, not for employee's personal lives.

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