• Government should be able to monitor social media

    If the government was able to monitor them, it would prevent so many crimes such as child molestation or even terrorism. ISIS could basically plot a big terrorism plan just by using social media because there is no way that our government would see it coming. Lives would be saved and crimes would be prevented

  • Yes, the government should

    I know it sounds like stalking, but it isn't. The government can protect the people by monitoring Instagram, YouTube, etc. It can also protect people from threats and the government can intervene before anybody gets hurt or killed by bad people.
    In other words, i think the government should monitor social media.

  • Social Media Destroys Privacy

    There are privacy settings on most social media accounts that can increase the amount of people that can view somebody's information. However, according to Consumer Reports in June 2012, 13 million people have not used these settings. Also, the government and corporate businesses use information, private or not, from social media sites.

  • Governments have the right to protect us

    Terrorism is on the rise and right now their strongest weapon seems to be the teenagers that they brainwash to join their bloody medieval style cults. Social media is their tool of choice in this ongoing battle with the west. Children are the victims and it is the police, government to try to do everything that they can to stop these barbaric messages reaching children. Furthermore social media is a haven for trolls and anybody could be a victim, should we allow this to happen when it can be easily flagged and stop.

  • Social media should be monitored.

    The government has foiled several terrorist plots by monitoring social media. If there is a credible threat, the government has the authority to investigate people's social media. Anything that can help prevent terrorism in the future or which can bring terrorist to justice is beneficial for society and should be utalized.

  • Social media of adults should be monitored.

    It is my belief that social media created by adults as well as teens, should be monitored. People often create threats and other acts of verbal violence in public media forums. These should be monitored as threats of violence are often acted upon. I think the authorities should check into situations posted by others to make sure the threat does not have the possibly of being carried out. We have the freedom to speak but it is others' rights to be safe. Monitoring social media would be a middle between the two.

  • Waste of money.

    Suppose you make a post with some words from CS:GO or something and it gets flagged. Then you have a cop at your doorstep who wants to question you. How did that happen? The government will force social media companies to record locations of posts. And who will run that? A group of people in an office building. The government will tax us to invade our privacy. It just wont work.

  • Privacy and Security

    Social Media is a place where someone can be themselves and show their type of "art". It may take a while for the user to understand what type of "art" they are posting, but then again there is no right or wrong way to use social media. As someone who uses social media almost daily, I strongly support the fact that what i say to my friends or family should be only kept towards me and no one else. Spying on a child's social media is like spying on their actual life. You can't let your child try different things if you constantly have them on a hold.

  • No I dont

    Think they should check because to most it is a privacy right, for example if they need to talk to thier parents about a private matter they shouldnt need to feel emmbared because they need to show thier teacher. I feel as though teachers are already nosy but allowing this will make it worse.

  • No, I don't think that social media should be monitored

    I don't think that social media should be monitored because it can be an invasion of privacy for some. I believe that each person's profiles online should be free of agency intervention and it should be prohibited by government agencies to monitor social media. Social media should have a choice in privatization.

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