• Yes, social media can be a crime.

    If a person tries to say bad stuff about another person, who is a victim. Also, a person will say inappropriate stuff about another person. The person says bad stuff about another person to everyone online. If another person reads the person's comment, he/she will think about suiciding themselves and they will have low self-esteem. Cyberbullying can take place mostly on social media. Therefore, social media is a crime because cyberbullying takes place in social media. Hope it helps! :)

  • Social media use can be a crime.

    If social media is used to commit a crime, the use of it can be considered a criminal act. For example, there have been cases where pedophiles used social media to prey on minors before molesting them. In this case, their use of social media aided them in committing a larger.

  • Yes.

    There are some instances where social media use can be a crime. Some of these examples are posting pornographic images of children on a social media site, cyber stalking, or extreme cyber bullying which involve threats. These days it seems that people think that they can hide behind their computer screens so they become more brazen, and thus commit crimes.

  • Yes, it can at times be a crime!

    Yes,there are times that social media use could be a crime. That would be when people take it upon themselves to bully others, especially bullying others with threats of physical harm to them or to someone close to them. Threats should never be tolerated even on social media sties!

  • Yes, social media use can be a crime.

    If a person is using social media to harass, bully or threaten other people, then it's use becomes a crime. In addition, if someone is using Facebook or Twitter to post personal information about someone without their consent, that could also be a crime. It's a fine line, to be sure, but yes, using social media can be a criminal act.

  • No, I cannot think of any instance when this would be appropriate

    I am unsure of the issue behind this question. I guess it has to do with the cyber bullying that has been happening? But how is that different than in person bullying? Except that you can turn the computer off much more easily than you can walk away from someone "getting in your face?" No, social media use should never be a crime. It is certainly possible that the way in which one uses social media could be used to support the accusation of illegal actions, but the use of social media itself is not criminal.

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