Should social networking sites have age restrictions?

  • Safety On Social Networks

    There should be restrictions on certain net works because there are too many predators that are prone to talking to your children when you least expect it. If your children do get a social account then you should supervise it. If you don't know that your child has an account then you need to supervise them more when they're on the internet.

  • Yes, social networking sites should have age restrictions.

    Yes, I believe that social networking sites should absolutely have age restrictions. There are far too many anonymous aspects regarding the internet which make social networking sites very dangerous for children and under-age teens. Many child predators lurk these social media sites, and for that reason alone there should be age restrictions to sites like Facebook and Myspace, even Twitter.

  • I believe there should be age restrictions on social media sites.

    There are many reasons why there should be restrictions on these sites, here are just a few. Children under 13 don't have the maturity level to handle these sites. Have you ever scrolled through, let's say, a Facebook feed? Do you know how many swear words and inappropriate things are said on these sights? A lot. There is a problem today and it's called cyber bullying. Kids under 13 wont be able to handle this, just like most people can't handle it either- it's a terrible thing to have happen. Another reason is that it's the law! "Users of social media sites must be 13 years or older by Federal law."

  • Yes, social networking sites should have age restrictions!

    I believe that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should have age restrictions because some of the content that people put on these sites is inappropriate for young kids. They are sites that could lead to some people cyber bullying others, too. Older people can handle cyber bullying easier than younger kids at the age of 14 and under, for example. Also, older teenagers and some of the adults understand the things that are posted/said on social networking sites, whereas a kid at the age of 11 may not understand.

  • There Should Be Age Restrictions

    There are reasons for having age restrictions on social media sites. The first and foremost is that it is a Federal law for users of social networking to be 13-years old. And those under 13 years of age are protected by Children’s Online Privacy Protect Act (COPPA) which keeps a child’s personal information from being collected and shared. Those who are underage are increasingly becoming victims of online harassment and cyberbullying.

  • Social sites should have age restrictions.

    You notice on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks that there are several kids under age. As more and more under age kids join these sites, the older kids are leaving trying to find some other site that isn't over run by "little kids." The age appropriate kids get annoyed by this. Younger kids don't always know how to use this site. Also, on sites like Facebook, there are occasionally inappropriate things on there for younger kids. There should be age restrictions on social sites.

  • Safety on Social Networks

    I believe that all social networks should have age restrictions, though there is already a federal law that says you must be 13. I believe this because children under 13 years of age do not have the emotional maturity to handle many social media themes. If a child is using a social networking site such as Facebook, they may see things that are inappropriate for their age group. In addition, they may be "friending" people they do not know in the real world, which could be harmful to them in the near or distant future. Social sites can be very helpful and beneficial to certain people, but there are so many risks in children using these sites.

  • Deffiently put on a restrigtion

    7.5Million users were found under age on instagram!
    Imagen how much users there are gonna be in 2020, way too much and they can all see inapropiate stuff like sexual intercourse and alchol use. Alot of this non-sence is approtiate to the 7.5 millon underage kids. Imagen what there gonna do in the furture?

  • Yes just becuz

    There should be an age limit, but no one takes the age limits seriously, so I Think we should have official ones, where they check your profile and stuff, plus children aren't mature or good enough to be on social media all day long, it just defeats the purpose of having social media, but idk really....

  • Yes just becuz

    There should be an age limit, but no one takes the age limits seriously, so I Think we should have official ones, where they check your profile and stuff, plus children aren't mature or good enough to be on social media all day long, it just defeats the purpose of having social media, but idk really....

  • Why I think NO

    I think that there should be no age restrictions on social websites because many kids these days can find ways around these limits. Also today many children today use these sites for good reasons such as talking to old friends or finding out about school work they missed. I think that instead these sites should scan their sites for inappropriate, false, or other things that small people shouldn't be seeing.

  • No, social networking sites should not have age restrictions.

    I believe that social networking sites should not have age restrictions. Kids today are very technologically savvy. They would find a way around any type of restrictions. Social network sites are becoming a normal part of their lives. So, it would be better to have sites geared specifically for younger children. The sites could be monitored for inappropriate content.

  • They should not

    I think that social media should not have age restrictions. There should be no need to have restrictions because people should be responsible enough to know what is appropriate to post and what isn't. But since there are many people that do post things are inappropriate that kids could eventually see it should be up to the parents to monitor what their kids are doing. It should be up to parents to enforce their own age restrictions for social media for their children.

  • No, Social Networks should not have a age restrictions.

    I don't believe that social networks should have age restrictions, I will explain my support to this motion in a second, But firstly I will state the motion, The motion is deciding whether or not social networks should have age restrictions. I Don't think they should, My reasoning for this is that despite the restrictions on any website that can be placed, You can always be able to lie. For example, Signing up to a call of duty website requires you to be 18 years of age, Of course that is not a social network, but how can you not be sure a 13 year old boy/girl could just lie their own age to say that they were 18, Thus despite the Restriction that could be placed, People will always lie to get on the things they want to use. If a 10 year olds friend is on Facebook, and tells his friend to join Facebook, Likely odds is that if the 10 year old is computer smart. He will say he is 18/16 to lie to get on where is friend is. I beg you to oppose.

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  • Bullying is Everywhere

    A LOT of people say that there should be a limit because of cyberbullying. But you can either just block, mute, report, or SOMETIMES ban them. Also, there is bullying everywhere that you look. Stealing, harassment, robberies, even MURDER is technically counted as bullying. And also, why don’t parents just oversee or look at their child’s posts or stuff like the once in a while?

  • It is the matter of freedom

    Nowadays peoples in the world are free to do what they want and,what they want to do, if anyone discover any site and present in front of peoples.So,he re they have to remove age restriction so that anyone can watch it and may be helpful for those who watching it.

  • Age Restrictions are ineffective.

    Age limits on Social Media should not me allowed. Many Children are smarter than even our elders who have more information that one can believe. Many Social sites are used for much more than talking to strangers. Kids can talk to their friends through social media such as Instagram and other sites. They may even meet new people who aren't some crazy people trying to kidnap people. Even though some kids make mistakes doesn't mean the others should get the punishment. Let kids be kids, let them have their freedom. Adults did one, now its our turn.

  • Ability to use a social network should be defined by ability no age.

    Many people are put on hold due to their age as their ability to do something is at a much higher level than others of the same age, whether it is mental or physical. Some kids are able to handle Social Media better than others whether they are 12 or 30. "Age is just a number" the saying is truly what it means, everyone grows mentally and physically at different rates. For Example, an 11 year old boy who could be really smart can do an 13 year olds test better than what the 13 year old. In the end to gain access to Social media a test of Maturity, Mental state and how the person will react to certain things on social media should be done in a series of tests, and re-applied annually.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-30T14:21:34.040
Everyone who answered "no" is obviously under 18. Most people don't know this but Facebook, Myspace, Twitter; they all have age restrictions, it is just that the rules are not enforced, and they are not followed.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-30T14:22:58.140
Peculiar thing.. Everyone who answered "No" does not have their age shown on DDO, or they are anon. Wonder why?