Should social networking websites do more to prevent cyber-bullying?

  • Many people are found dead by the act of suicide or homicide

    Parents often have kids who are bothered in school by bullying. kids want to go to online social networks for some time by themselves. if they find a bully still bothering them when they go online, they often feel like they have no where safe to go. i have experience with this sort of thing and it is difficult for someone to try to resist the temptation to go suicide. it seems reasonable to not have anyone go overboard and not have their personal space. that is why online social networks should prevent cyberbullying.

  • Yes, cyber bullying is a problem world-wide! Doesn't anybody see this but me?!

    I agree with you, PinkMych! The "people" who commit this demeanor, should be held responsible for terrorizing the kid they harassed! Also, if the bullied child, commits suicide, the bully, should be charged with MURDER! It's unacceptable how many kids miss school EVERY DAY due to fear of humiliation! Get this, most of the girls that miss school, are feared for being the BATHROOM! It makes me sick to my stomach that this problem is not awakening the eyes of our government! Wake up, stop being selfish! Do something about it for heavens sake!!

  • Yes, cyber bullying is as bad as bullying in real life, it has to be prevented.

    Yes, they absolutely should. Bullies have been around forever, terrorizing people, making their lives miserable. Now with social networks, they can cast a wider net and bully people far and wide. They also can recruit other nasty people and gang up on their victims through the sheer amount of people on these websites. Social networking sites have the potential to be a great way to bring people closer, but the sad fact is there are bad people out there. They seem to thrive on spewing their hatred and negativity and there has to be some kind of policing of these sites, some kind of moderation, to ensure the safety of the people who are on them.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Social networking websites should definitely do more to prevent cyber-bullying as it is a very real and pressing online problem that calls for a solution.

    Cyber-bullying is a very real problem faced not only by teens but adults alike. Many teens and online users have no idea how to tackle this problem, leading to serious consequences like stress, depression, etc. Prevention would definitely be better than a cure, so the websites themselves should do more to prevent such things from happening.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Social networking sites are frequently used by teenagers to bully others, and the sites should do something to prevent this.

    I don't believe in censorship, but some kind of penalty for bullying on social networks could be put in place. If there are legitimate complaints that the site is being used for bullying then something could be done. Until this happens the sites should start a vast education campaign in schools and elsewhere, educating people about bullying and showing that they are behind putting a stop to it.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • I believe that social networking sites should do more to prevent cyber-bullying. I have come across too many people who definitely have serious behavioral issues.

    I have come across people who openly admit that they are only on the networking site to annoy people and nothing has been done when you report that admission. The social networks have a tendency to say that it is the responsibility of the applications developer to deal with bullying within applications. I have come across users who have complained that they are having difficulty in getting the social network to respond when they are complaining of some quite abusive behavior.

    Posted by: M Gonzales
  • I believe that social networking sites should do a better job of preventing cyber-bullying because there have been cases of suicide due to what others say online.

    Ultimately, it is the parent's job to monitor what their child does online. However, at the later ages (teens for example), there are few parents that are not going to allow their children to go on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. Sites should have rules against cyber-bullying. There is no reason for hurtful words anyway, especially on sites that cater to kids as young as 8.

    Posted by: I33Horray
  • I think social networking websites should do more, because they need to regulate their own websites.

    They need to take control of it. If some thing happen in the website, they need to take care of it. If they don't do anything, the victim will not enter that website anymore. Then ,they will lose money.

  • Social networking should do more.

    I think there should be more monitoring on Facebook and Twitter for cyber bullying. Like anything else as in school there should be more strict rules and consequences when this occurs. As a parent we can only do so much. I check my child's Facebook, cell, etc. I am involved in my child's surroundings and make a stance at school when there is bullying going on. I make a stance on the internet too and talk to various supporters and authority figures on the subject. If I can help one child not be bullied than I feel like I have accomplished something. This is an ongoing issue and we need more and more parents, friends, pastors etc to get involved and stop this bullying of kids. As adults I ask you to step up and not sit back in a corner and allow this stuff to happen. You have the power to stop this. You can see what your kids write to others on Facebook/Twitter, so ask the questions and do the math and stop the bullying!

  • Social networking sites ARE the cause of the influx of anonymous bullying!

    When I was in school (before social media) if you wanted to anonymously bully someone the worst thing you could do is prank call their house. With Twitter and Facebook in the palm of everyone's hands it's very easy to escalate a little one-on-one issue into a mob of anonymous users, whose goal is to hurt someone. Facebook and Twitter DO have an obligation to reprimand accounts that are guilty of cyber bullying. This is not about Big Brother monitoring our personal information, it is about protecting users from their sites being the catalyst. This is about Terms of Use/Service/Code of Conduct. On iTunes, if you break the rules, you get penalized. As it should be with all sites. Tell someone on Twitter to "Kill themselves"- lose your twitter. SIMPLE.

  • I do not think the social networking sites need to take further action because the victim of cyber bullying could easily block the cyber bully.

    If a person is being cyber bullied on a social networking website like twitter or Facebook, the person being cyber bullied could easily block the cyber bully and stop further bullying toward the victim of the cyber bullying.

  • I do not think social networking sites need to do more to prevent cyber-bullying because of freedom of speech.

    I do not believe it is the job of social networking sites to infringe on people's rights to freedom of speech. As much as words might hurt they are just words, and unless someone's rights are being affected whether it be slander or the like where an actual crime or threat is being proposed, then it is not the website's job to judge what is being said.

    Posted by: SascM0n
  • I think people need to be more responsible for their own instances of bullying.

    Cyber-bullying may be here to stay, but we need to be responsible when it comes to who are friends are, and taking it up with the proper people if we are being cyber-bullied on social networks. I do think parents need to be highly involved with what their child does on the Internet and social networking sites. Social networking sites have ways of recourse that children may not know about, and adults need to learn about.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • No, because I do not see cyber-bullying as a large problem.

    I have never experienced cyber-bullying. I have seen people online be braver and more willing to say unpleasant or rude things, but I would not call this cyber-bullying. I think most people on social networking sites are adults who are capable of making their own choices as to what to do. If cyber-bullying is a serious problem for a social networking business, then they will decide to crack down on it, in order to keep customers.

    Posted by: KnowledgeableJermaine28
  • Social networks sites provide a service, but should not have to provide personal body guards.

    Social networks cannot be held accountable for cyber-bullying, nor should they be expected to provide more assistance in preventing cyber-bullying. Parents need to step up and become educated in today's technology, and protect their children from cyber-bullying. Children should not be allowed access to social networking sites, unless they are being supervised by parents. Too often, we blame technology, schools, or television for what is really lack of parental involvement.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • No, because social networking sites are not responsible for how their users interact with one another.

    Social networking sites merely host the framework and space for people to interact with one another. They don't need to, and shouldn't be expected to, do much at all to police how people opt to use that space. If someone is being bullied, they can block or ignore or un-friend the offender. Social networks don't force anyone to be friends with anyone they don't opt to be friends with. If people continue to allow contact they're not enjoying, that's their own fault.

    Posted by: GrievingPhil36
  • Not their job.

    What we really need is laws against slander and libel that are easier to access and that have teeth. Let liars feel it in the wallet, and idiots will be more cautious.

  • It is not the responsibility of the social networking websites to regulate cyber-bullying.

    Social networking websites provide a way for cyber-bullying to be carried out, but they do not cause the bullying. It is the users of the site that are doing the bullying. It is up to the parents and teachers of the bullies (typically kids) to help them understand the reasons that bullying is harmful and other ways to deal with their social troubles.

    Posted by: E Reilly
  • I do not believe that social networking websites should do more about cyber-bullying because it is not the role of social networking sites to censor material.

    Social networking websites are merely a medium by which people participate. Cyber-bullying needs to be prevented by targeting the behavior of those who practice it. It is not the responsibility of social networking websites to control what is posted on their sites and attempts to regulate this would stifle free speech.

    Posted by: g0thik0rgi
  • Of course not.

    When I was a child 30 years ago, if I got bullied I might have been offered the advice "just ignore them and they'll go away". It's tricky to ignore they guy eating your lunch, but with Facebook, it's easier than ever! Just click that block button and it's as though they cease to exist :) To say that a company like Facebook should "do more to prevent cyber-bullying" is to say that the block button is too hard to click, and that it's more Facebook's responsibility to protect the child than anybody else who may be otherwise be considered responsible for the same child.

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