Should Social Security be a means-tested benefit?

  • Yes, it should be

    The fact of the matter is, Social Security as we know it is on a course to extinction. If we do not do something different to alter the program, there will be no more Social Security program by 2030. Changing it to a means-tested program is a good first step, indeed.

  • Social Security should only be available to those who truly need it.

    Since the government is having a lot of trouble being able to provide social security to the masses of people who over the past 100 years who have paid into it, they should change it to be a means tested benefit.

    If the people are able to provide and are not in need at all of the social security, they should not be able to make use if it.

  • No, it should not be a means-tested benefit.

    Social Security is, simply put, a promise to the last generation that society will take care of them in their time of need. To all of a sudden change the benefit so that it becomes means-tested is to go back on the promise that we have made, and that isn't right.

  • No, it is an earned benefit.

    Social Security is based upon years worked and amounts of contribution into the program over the years worked. It does seem as if wealthy people could easily do without the small amount of money they would get, nevertheless it is their money that they are due upon retirement. Lately this distinction is being glossed over, as if it is a "benefit" in the same way as food stamps, and considering it a means-tested benefit would make it the equivalent of food stamps. I really think this is a slight of hand way of changing the public's understanding of the Social Security program to make it seem like something people are being given.

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