• Social Security Must be Reformed - A nonpartisan panel made up of cross section of individuals within the Legal, Insurance, Business, Union& Financial Communities.

    I believe that there should be Congressmen on the panel as a participant not chairman. There are many major issues that need to be addressed & having diversified experts would bring more to the discussion.

    Is SSI as designed worth saving? If Yes, how?

    What would be the cost associated with a buyout? How would the line be drawn. Could a private Lump Annuity be purchased to payout the current recipients?

    What about those who have paid in but not yet retired? Would it require special protective laws on these private retirement programs similar to pensions? How would the value to transfer be calculated?

  • Social Security should be reformed by a nonpartisan panel.

    Social Security reform should definitely be a nonpartisan effort. More specifically, it should be a panel that is not comprised of current members of Congress. In order for Social Security to continue to sustain generations beyond the existing baby boomers, it is necessary to consider the unique needs of future generations.

  • Yes, a nonpartisan panel may be the only way to save Social Security

    Yes, social security should be reformed by a nonpartisan panel. Socialy Security is in dire need of reform and only a truly nonpartisan panel can do what needs to be done to help fix the system without worrying about political agendas, etc. There are a lot of things wrong with how Social Security works and who is eligible, not to mention the fact that, at this rate, there will be no money left for the 40-somethings of today by the time they reach Social Security age. So having people who are only concerned with creating change is the only way true reform is going to happen.

  • Yes it should be.

    Social Security is a joke. When you retire you hardly get paid enough to pay your health insurace and medicine. Then you cannot afford to live well but only have your health. They pay everyone way to low. I don't like them taking money out of my check for social security. People should be responsible and save. I don't need the government saving for me.

  • Yes, I think Social Security should be reformed by a nonpartisan panel.

    I think any solution or fix we make towards Social Security should not have any political leaning to it, often when you impose a solution with a conservative or liberal bent then it will be flawed in some way, I think we need to take a clean and even headed attempt at fixing social security that is not politically charged.

  • No, it should not.

    Leave social security alone. Seriously, just leave it alone. What needs to be done is that Washington needs to stop dipping into social security funds for other endeavors. This is for people who have worked their entire lives and paid their taxes. And it worked very nicely until it started being spent.

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