• Yes, socialism should exist in a capitalist society.

    Yes, socialism is a necessary part of any successful economy. The notion that people and organizations can share the wealth occasionally does not mean that the entire social structure will fall apart. Instead, it means that collaboration is an important part of the success of any country. Without that element of compassion, capitalism ends up creating an immense divide in income.

  • Balance Is Better

    I believe that socialism should exist in a capitalist society. I think the world has seen proof that neither of these extremes works well on their own, but given their ideals, they work well to balance each other out. I believe too many capitalist policies leads to the inequality problems the United States is experiencing now and I believe socialism leads to a lack on innovation.

  • No, socialism should not exist in a capitalistic society.

    I think that there is no place for socialism to exist in a society that encourages capitalism. Socialism is something that is the complete opposite of capitalism. And those who believe in capitalism, such as myself, do not see any benefit of the idea of socialism. I think that America is great because it is capitalistic.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Socialism is kind of the opposite of a capitalist society, so it doesn't make sense that socialism would be in that kind of society. Socialism is more for all people making the same amount. A doctor makes about the same as a janitor. In a capitalist society everyone is free to earn as much as they can.

  • They are opposites.

    No, socialism should not exist in a capitalist society, because socialism is opposed to capitalism. Socialism stunts economic growth, and people will not work hard if they can have the same outcome whether or not they work. In a capitalist society, people can depend on charity to help people who need help.

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