• Society should take better care of the elderly.

    I dislike how some people think that just because someone is old they are not as important as younger people. Ive seen countless occasions where someone who was younger would talk badly about an old person just because they were slower at doing things. They have been here longer than you have and have experienced more than you could possibly have at your age. I also dislike how people choose to send their elder family members to retirement homes. They took care of you when you were young and you should do the same when they are old. Old people are just as important as everyone else, if not more.

  • Society should take better care of the elderly.

    Adhering to the age old virtues of respect, we as a society need to acknowledge the importance of our elderly. Without their generation, our generation would not have numerous opportunities now deemed essential to everyday citizen life. They've been instrumental to our infrastructure, and we can't progress unless we know where we've come from. This knowledge is from the elderly.

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