• Yes, because it helps the economy.

    First off, if we did not have soda, then a lot of dentists would go out of business, because sodas have phosphoric acid, which brings bacteria into a person's mouth, and the bacteria starts eating away at the teeth, and the person will soon have cavities. If this didn't happen, dentists would have to worry about less and less customers, and yes, there still would be some, but there would be a decline. Sure, getting work on the teeth can really empty a man (or woman's) wallet, but it's their choice to drink soda or not. They have control over their own actions. If they didn't want this root canal, cavity, or whatever, than they should have thought about the consequences with soda. Yes, they can brush their teeth, but a lot of people forget.

    And for the soda business, they would obviously go out of business, and at the moment, the soda industry is bringing in loads of cash, so what would happen if the soda was just -poof- banned like that?

    Feel free to argue; I'd like to hear the opposing side.

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