Should Sodahead be banned in this country?

Asked by: Adam2
  • What the Nazis did in that picture

    I think we should do to Sodahead. Piece of crap Klan pan-Germanic site. Michael Glazer, the northern English fella who talks a lot of crap needs to be deported to Yorkshire. Dishonest backstabbing piece of crud. Bans me and freaking few other people for not holding the majority view. What is this? A pan-Germanic Jim Crow assembly? Seriously, Glazer's business should suffer same fate as the businesses Hitler thrashed.

  • It should be banned or revealed for what it really is, a racist hate site..

    Many of its Conservative members refer to the FLOTUS as "Chewbacca or Chewy" and quite often the President is referred to as the "Monkey in the WH" The problem is the people making these comments are protected by SH and the reportees are deactivated.... They use their TOS as a punishment to ban those they dislike...

  • Boycott. Not ban.

    I think that every Conservative, Libertarian, free thinker...Etc, should just leave the site. Then the only ones left would be all the libtard, commie bastards. They can all sit in front of their monitors and agree with each other. Do a little liberal circle jerk. Whatever. I don't care. If enough people leave the site, it will go bankrupt. That's what I'd do.

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