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  • Sodas should be banned to people on "Snap Benefit Program"

    Sodas should be banned to people who are on the "Snap Benefit Program" because this program is to provide assistance to families who are of need and to purchase healthy foods. "Snap" stands for "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program". There is nothing nutritious in any "Sodas". "Sodas", are expensive and the benefits funds spend on sugary non nutritional drinks, would be able to provide more essential food items to these people if they are indeed as needy as they say they are.
    "Sodas" are an extra, something you don't need to survive. When anyone needs extras, they should be paying the expense out of his or her own pocket not out of the funds of the government and taxpayers.

  • No, people should be free to make bad choices.

    No, sodas should not be banned, because people should have a right to do things that they enjoy, even if those things are not necessarily always perfect for their health. Soda in moderation is not harmful. Anything, not just soda, can be harmful if a person has too much of it. People can make their own choices, good and bad, and live with the consequences.

  • Freedom to Drink Soda

    Among citizens' freedoms is the right to make terrible decisions if they choose to. The right to be an idiot is fundamental. If government suddenly decides to ban sodas and condemn anyone who consumes them, maybe later the government is going to condemn people with green eyes or only allow vegetarian diets. Besides, soda is so popular it would just be smuggled anyway.

  • Isn't this a free country?

    The government wasn't established to ban soft drinks. They were established to protect the rights of its citizens. Well, they have no right to tell us what we can and cannot drink. Is it good to drink soda? Is it healthy? No, but it's my freedom as an American citizen to do to my own body as I please. My soda consumption doesn't affect anyone else but me. If they place a limit on the size of the drinks I get, I'll just buy 2. Why? Because I like soda, and no one has the right to deprive me of the right to drink it.

    Besides, if the government tried to ban soda, it would be the Prohibition days all over again.

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