• Yes, it is very unhealthy.

    Yes, sodas should be banned in Arkansas schools, because soda is very unhealthy. If children want to drink soda, their parents should be in charge of that outside the school day. Children who have a lot of sugar are very hyper and do not concentrate as well. It is hard enough to learn without distractions from artificial flavors and corn syrup.

  • Yes i mean it should :3 really !!!

    Well i have to say i mean its just soda and we breath are teeth all the time its ok also i mean if you just do not drink to much its ok ok well heres the thing soda is ok really its ok ok well plz sub to popcorndude43 01 on youtube thx!

  • If kids want soda, they are going to get it.

    I live in Arkansas, so this topic affects my children and their friends. It should be up to the parent to decide what is right and what is wrong for their own children. School districts in Arkansas have bigger issues that need to be addressed, such as why so many districts are failing basic skills tests, and stick to educating our children. Leave parenting decisions up to the parents.

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