Should "solar shading" be mandated by the government to reverse global climate change?

  • Solar shading reduces energy costs by as much as 30 percent.

    Solar shading is a highly effective product for the reduction of energy lowering cooling costs in warm temperatures. It is also highly effective in reducing skin cancer by blocking out harmful UV rays. Solar shading has been used extensively by the military to protect troops, equipment, ammunition, vehicles, and supplies. It has been proven to greatly reduce the costs of energy in warm desert environments. As pollution continues to deplete the ozone layer, cancers caused by the sun will continue to rise. Solar shading is an affordable and effective method of protection and primary use as an energy saver.

  • Solar shading can dramatically cut down on energy consumption used by companies, which could help reverse climate change.

    The use of solar shading can almost completely remove the need for any heating or air conditioning unit, which can save huge amounts of energy. The shading also keeps the temperature in a building more stable and it helps provide ample amounts of light, even on more overcast days. Businesses are some of the top consumers of energy and if they were mandated to use solar shading then their consumption of energy would go way down.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • Yes, because it's time this country invested in green energy, and it seems the only way it will happen is with a push from government.

    A lot of new jobs are in new areas, including green energy. Invest in this, and unemployment will go down. Not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the economy as well.

    Posted by: RachelW
  • Despite the benefits offered by solar shading, I don't believe the government should be allowed to mandate much of anything in the way we live our lives.

    While the little bit of information I have found on Solar Shading appears that it is a good idea and beneficial overall, I don't believe the government should be allowed to mandate such specific details of the way we live and work. I think businesses and individuals should move towards a more environmentally friendly way of thinking, working and living, but I believe that this shift should be voluntary, not mandated by the government.

    Posted by: WillowM
  • I support mandatory solar shading as an effective and urgently needed environmental reform.

    Mandatory solar shading makes sense. Buildings along with transportation are two key industries with a large impact on global climate change. Solar shading window treatments have been proven to make a big difference in energy consumption by reducing indoor heating and cooling needs. Experience shows that mandatory measures stimulate faster and more comprehensive change than just hoping for voluntary efforts alone.

    Posted by: eithene
  • Sun is a never ending supply of solar energy.

    We should take advantage of the sun and join hands to preserve the environment and biodiversity. Because of global changes many animals are going extinct along with glaciers melting. So we should make it mandatory.

    Posted by: CI3Hate
  • Solar shading is the future.

    Solar shading almost eliminates the need for heating and air conditioning units, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to power these monsters. They can even maintain a more even temperature regardless the climate. The even emit more light during overcast days which reduces the amount of energy required for lighting. Not only that, but solar shading is relatively inexpensive after initial setup.

    Posted by: FridHate
  • The government should not mandate solar shading, because it will disrupt the delicate balance of the Earth.

    Mandating solar shading could have adverse effects on the Earth's climate. We might be eliminating, or at least mitigating, one problem, but we could easily cause others. Plant life is especially delicate and, if that goes away, then humans and other animals face a gigantic disaster. The Earth will find a way to balance things out on its own.

    Posted by: Iewie2cute
  • Just another way for the government to tell us what to do.

    The only time solar shading should be mandated is when they are talking about mandating the use of them in government buildings only. If the government wants to mandate solar shading to everyone then the government needs to cover the cost to everyone. They can't keep telling people we have to buy something we can't afford.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • Solar shading should not be mandated by the government.

    The government has no authority to mandate that an individual comply with solar shading. This is a gross violation of the Constitution. If the government were to force people to comply with solar shading, it would be a stepping stone to a much larger takeover of individual liberty.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • The government should not mandate "solar shading" to reverse global climate change, because climate change is a natural phenomenon.

    The government should not mandate "solar shading" to reverse global climate change, because climate change is a natural phenomenon. The government is not capable of mandating a change to a natural phenomenon. Any government mandate is a waste of money, and the extra cost of government mandates is passed along to the consumer.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Solar shading should not be mandated, because it wouldn't help much anyway.

    I don't believe that solar shading should be mandated by the government. Regardless of what the American government chooses to do, there's no way countries like China will follow suit. I don't believe creating a bigger government is going to help climate change. All that serves to do is limit business and use more tax dollars.

    Posted by: Bubba
  • No, the government should not mandate solar shading, because people have enough problems without another new regulation to worry about.

    Solar shading is a good idea, and anyone who can afford to do it should do so. If the government wants to give out rewards and incentives to encourage people to get solar shading, that is fine. But penalizing or fining homeowners who do not is ridiculous. Compared to smoke stacks or the daily exhaust of an airport, the energy loss from a non-solar shaded window is next to nothing. The government should not put the financial stress of saving the planet on the middle-class home owners.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Any government mandate is unconstitutional, and climate change is unaffected by Man.

    Need I say more?

  • I chose no because the government already has to much say in our lives.

    We are supposed to be a free country. It seems like our everyday living is controlled by our government in some way. We get tax breaks for installing energy efficient windows, but a lot of people don't have a house to even put a normal window in. So what good does a tax break do for them? I know we need to protect our planet for future generations but what about the people that are living today?

    Posted by: SnoopBur
  • Solar shading should not be mandated by the government because it imposes a cost, or tax

    Solar shading should not be mandated by the government because it essentially amounts to a tax on consumers or businesses. At a time like now when are in a recession, such a mandate would not be supported by a majority of consumers and businesses because it is an additional cost. If the government wants to reverse global climate change, it ought to start with mandates imposed on the largest polluters and/or sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • Solar shading is a good idea but it should not be required.

    Solar shading should be encouraged and incentives should be given for people using solar shading. However, it should not be required. There are many people who cannot afford things such as solar shading. They have a hard enough time trying to pay their rent. They should not be penalized for not using window treatments. Incentives and rewards are a much better option.

    Posted by: VasilBuddy

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