• Yes, Why would you say no?

    Soldiers seem to be disrespected lately, Soldiers have worked for our country to make it a better, Safer place, Sacrificing their own lives for us and the future generations. They deserve the respect, They may have spent many years away from their families. Next time you encounter a soldier, You should thank them for protecting our country!

  • They should be treated differently

    For the most part soldiers are treated pretty well in this country. Especially compared to the past.

    However, the VA is woefully inadequate despite being based on a very good intention. Fix the bureaucratic scandals and inefficiencies. We lose more veterans to suicide and homelessness than we do to enemy combatants. We as citizens have to stop stigmatizing them for PTSD and realize that they're not broken people. We need to make sure that they are sufficiently debriefed after tours, that we put 100x more resources into mental health treatment, and give them more credit in their civilian jobs based on their military credentials. Civilian employers are clueless...CLUELESS on how valuable their military training can be at their civilian careers.

  • Yes, our soldiers need more.

    The soldiers in the U.S. need more, they are treated terribly, and get terrible pay. They should acquire more money then the sports teams. They put their lives at risk every day and are usually smarter then the average U.S. citizen. If anybody ever says that they are uneducated, they are wrong, they get high school diplomas, and most go to collage.

  • Soldiers are humans, not machines

    Our American soldiers are willing to protect our lives everyday from foreign threats and they are emotional creatures, so yes we should care for them because soldiers are humans not machines.Their duty is protect America whatever the costs and we should consider our benevolence to them.Take the time to celebrate.

  • A Soldier Should

    Be Treated better than they are now. Majority of them are out there dying or coming back from a war-zone. They lay done their lives for us, and we treat them poorly. Bad enough that Politicians who are not doing their part are getting paid 10 times as more than our troops. No, let me rephrase that. Politicians pay themselves 10 times more than their troops.

  • They should be treated better

    I think that soldiers should, in fact, be treated better. Soldiers are doing this for their country. They are willing to fight for their country, and they are being pushed around. If soldiers were treated just a little bit better, there would probably be a lot more people willing to join the army. But the reason they treat soldiers like this is probably for a reason.

  • Yes they should

    I feel that military soldiers should be treated better. They are fighting for there lives. They don't deserve to be pushed around and be excising and working all day, because they are doing the country a huge favor. If the soldiers are treated better then more people will want to join the army and we wont go back to drafting random people. So I feel that soldiers should be treated better.

  • I hate them

    I don't care if I die, the wars about 3 billion miles away from me. If they want to go live in a slum so be it . It is their own fault. They desrve it. Let me tell ou a wee story. A while ago I got hard , I am now no longer hard

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  • When the military courts are abolished and the word "war crimes" is taken out of the dictionary, then I'll say they should be treated better.

    The duty of a soldier is the preservation of life and the defense any domestic victim that is subject to local oppression. There should not be any meddling in the affairs of foreign governments unless asked. Even when they are asked they should provide training and indirect motivation for the nation at risk to solve their own problems. If a nation constantly relies on another nation to take care of its issues, then the assisting nation will think it is entitled to the resources locked within the land they are assisting. That causes conflict (Iraq war). On top of that, soldiers rape, slaughter, massacre, and do unspeakable things in the name of pseudo-freedom. The soldiers are not being treated with the proper physical and psychological examination they require in order to fulfill the task of preserving domestic life. Rather they are trained to fight individuals they didn't know existed on in their country....No the soldiers should not be treated better than they already are for if they were, they would lose sight of what their duties are. Therefore, soldiers will be turned into mercenaries.

  • The conditions fit.

    Prior to deployment, soldiers are submitted to some harsh environments and are constantly being pushed the their physical limit. This is not mistreatment but ways to prepare them for deployment and possible war. To treat them any better may not only jeopardize a mission but put their lives in greater danger.
    While deployed in non-war conditions, many are in places where there is a possibility of battle or conflict. This means not only do they need to stay battle ready but may be deployed places with harsh conditions.
    Of course, when deployed in battle. Not much can be done about the living conditions.

    Veterans: They are no longer soldiers so not relevant to the question. Even so, veterans are given other perks like housing, education, pension and medical. Tho some may be less than ideal, the budget can only afford so much.
    Pay for soldiers: Seeing that they have no living expenses such as housing, food or transportation, their pay does not need to be as high.

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Bluepaintcan123 says2015-12-13T04:07:54.797
Define "treated better."
Do you mean people shouldn't criticize the military? That we should put more money into assisting them when they come back home?