Should soldiers who commit war crimes receive harsher punishments?

  • We need to remember that we are humans.

    In an ideal world, there would be no wars. But since we can't seem to go through a decade without fighting one, we need to remember our humanity and fight wars as efficiently as possible with minimum casualties. Cruelty has no place in a war and any soldier who crosses the boundary should be reprimanded.

  • Yes, soldiers who commit war crimes should receive harsher punishments.

    Yes, soldiers who commit war crimes should receive harsher punishments because it is their duty to protect. By swearing to uphold these morals, they should then be punished for crimes that they were supposed to be fighting against. The American people have put their trust in these soldiers and they must follow through.

  • Set a standard.

    Yes, I believe that soldiers who commit war crimes should receive serious, severe punishments. Since they have authority over the people in the areas that they are in, they should be held to a higher standard. Taking advantage of their power and position is deplorable. When they are punished harshly, others will think twice about doing this.

  • No, they are war victims too

    No, soldiers who have committed war crimes should not receive harsher punishments. In wars, soldiers are just doing their job. Who is to decide what a war crime is? Every war is a crime itself. There shouldn't be wars in the first place. When participating in a war every soldier has to obey to the orders of his elders. And, I believe, there are people who are writing a real scenarios for the wars' outcomes.

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