Should some of the European welfare be aid to mentally ill Americans?

Asked by: Mirza
  • Yes, it would be wonderful.

    Americans are known to suffer from a variety of mental health issues, especially their heroes, namely soldiers, who have been fighting unquestionably moral and necessary wars (especially in Iraq). Europe spends a lot of money on welfare; however, due to being really large, some of it can certainly and safely be cut and used as aid to Americans, who can put to far better use the mental health treatment programmes.

    Imagine a world where the many Americans, especially the adherents of Fox News, are actually sane and loving people, just like most of the world. Imagine their national interests never involving occupying other countries and so forth. It will be a lovely world. For this beautiful thought, I think it's only a good thing for Europe to spend some of its welfare budget on treating American people.

  • The "No" answer is obvious, here.

    Mirza gives it away, immediately. Rather than present any rational thinking, all that is present is his own insecurity and silly pretenses.

    Let us be clear, European money for mental illness should first and foremost by used for cases like Mirza's, long before we get to any cockeyed, pretend scenarios like he comes up with.

  • Don't be silly

    We also have mentally ill people here in Europe. We also have people who work and are living on the breadline, having to use food banks because they can't afford food due to high rents and overpriced energy bills. A lot of working people's mental health is effected by this.

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