Should some pornography be illegal on grounds of obscenity?

  • Yes, some pornography is obscene.

    Some pornography may be purely sexual in nature, but some of it is obsessed with violence, especially to women. Some is also focused on young children and other minors. That would mean that any of this material could be classified as obscene and therefore should be banned and not sold legally.

  • No but a caveat

    As long as it's not kids(currently illegal anyways) i don't see why there should be gov involved. This is literally the gov in your bedroom argument embodied. Is there weird stuff out there? Absolutely. But it's not gov's job to save us from ourselves. The way it is currently is fine. Is there a moral edge? Yes. But that's still not enough to make gov move on it and would be dangerous to suggest otherwise.

  • It is your choice

    No, I think it is your right and choice to watch pornography. If you are an adult and you like watching pornography then it should be your choice, no one should have control of your decisions that you choose, no matter what grounds it is it is your right to watch porn.

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