Should someone be fired over the Obamacare website?

  • Make them pay back the money, then fire the whole lot.

    Let's see. The government has spent as much as $700 million dollars on a website that is not working. It has security flaws that would put a private sector economy into bankruptcy. Many private sector firms have as much traffic, yet are stable and functional. We should demand that the Chinese investors get what we borrowed money from them to get. BTW my own Senator has NOT read the ACA.

  • Not Unless The GOP Is Going To Demand The Same Of Their Own!!!

    I live in SC. About this time, last year, we were getting the news ... The State Dept. Of Revenue had been hacked & thousands had had their identities compromised/stolen. The nightmare began. Victims began to get letters confirming the worst. Then, we are told that our GOP Governor (Nikki Haley) sat on the information for 2 weeks! It angered many people. But, we were told, the state aka the taxpayers would pay for Experian to provide ID protection. It wasn't perfect, but it helped. For those directly effected, it's been an ongoing pain in the backside ... Notifying banks, credit cards, freezing accounts, etc.

    Now, it's the Fall of 2013. Governor Haley doesn't want to renew protection with Experian. So, she selected this company that basically no one has heard of from TX. Residents were told to start enrollment on the 24th. Well, it's been 6 long days. The company's website is a joke (and they're going to protect folks from ID theft)! If both husband & wife are victims, it is impossible to enroll both. There isn't even that option available. The company promises to contact you, but a lot of people are still waiting for that call. Meanwhile, I guess these victims are sitting-ducks to become ID Theft victims again! Yet, nobody in the GOP has suggested an investigation of Haley on this subject ... Or her administration ... Or this new security company! Why is that? Surely, ID Theft is "AS IMPORTANT" as healthcare coverage. Many would argue that it is MORE important!

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