• Yes they should be tested.

    I'm not sure if you've heard but you can google this story up. A Woman working at a convenience store in the US had a man walk in with an EBT card (Food Stamp Credit Card or something similar) and he wanted to buy cigarettes. The woman refused and the man left. The next day the man came in again with a member of his family and raised a commotion about it. The owner came in, sold the man cigs and fired the woman. Do you think its fair that the money YOU pay in taxes goes to people buying cigarettes? Welfare is supposed to buy healthy stuff for the people on hard times. Not items that are detrimental to ones health.

  • Its not fair

    People work so hard for their money and yet they pay taxes paying for people who are to lazy to get jobs and like free money and use it on drugs. The government is generous enough with other benefits. Those people don't deserve to have fun with drugs and not work too.

  • Yes

    If those people don't have anything to hide then take the drug test, or what, those people who don't want to take the drug test know they'll fail it because they know they're addicted to their stupid drugs. It's irrelevant to NOT test them and they should be tested just like the working people do. Stop hiding your addictions and play it right.

  • Welfare Drug Testing

    I pay for welfare by going to work and paying taxes. When I got hired, I had a criminal background check, financial background check and drug test.
    If I have to do all that to get a job to pay for someone's welfare, they should have to do the same on a monthly basis for drug testing and every 4 months for criminal check in order to partake in the welfare benefits.

    Also, I think anyone receiving welfare, with the exception of the old and infirmed and children should have to put in at least 20 hours of community service per week within their immediate area to help pay back the state and govt for the privilege of receiving these benefits... Pick up trash along the roadways, assist with feeding and companionship at state nursing homes, habitat for humanity etc.

    If I have to get up everyday and go to work to help pay for welfare, then those recipients should have to give back to their communities and not just be a drain on humanity.

  • It would ensure help is being given to those who need it.

    Government assistance is there to help while you get back on your feet. It's not for you to live like that the rest of your life. I am a single mother that has never asked for help, but if for some reason one day I have to I would be mad if they didn't drug test me. Help should be given to those who really need it not to people who are too lazy to work for a living. Some people sell their benefits for cash and use that cash to buy drugs while their children are at home starving. Yes please drug test these people it is not fair.

  • Test them all

    If the person receiving welfare can pay for drugs, they shouldn't be given money to buy more. Welfare is for a family that actually needs the money to support themselves. Think about this, if people that actually work for money get drug tested, someone that gets money for free should as well. Families that receive welfare might not even be supporting their children.

  • To toke or not to toke.

    Most of the people I know are on welfare, with that being said 75% of them have part time jobs making min. wage. 50% of them do some sort of drug (pot, pills, coke). Over my years of knowing them they have done nothing with their lives, and I do believe if they didnt have an addiction to these problems they would have been off welfare years ago. Me and my fiance between the two of us make a quarter million a year and we smoke daily but the difference is we work hard to afford our habits and we know when to say enough is enough... We dont struggle or go without in life so it can be done to enjoy what makes us happy. This may sound cruel but you cant be sympathetic for their children, its not your problem. The earth is overpopulated as it is anyways. That being said I'm happy to see laws being set in place in Oklahoma and others for this. It may only be 2-4% per state they deny benefits but 10% or more of a total country can make a big difference. Its a step in the right direction!

  • The working class must take a drug test, why don't they?

    If the working class must pass a drug test to get a job, to make the money that the government takes away to give to welfare. Why shouldn't someone receiving these benefits have to do the same? I mean after all they are taking this hard earned money and putting it towards who knows what?

  • I had to submit urine and hair samples to get my current job. Past employment also required drug testing.

    I know of a couple of people in Oklahoma and Kansas who are on public assistance programs. The one in Kansas uses the food stamp card to stock the freezer with Tiger Prawn shrimp and steaks. She is legally separated from her husband. He bought her a swimming pool last year, they live on separate levels of the same house all the bills are in her name to get aide in paying them. Last year a new furnace, refrigerator and weatherproofing were installed in the house they own. She gets Social Security disability, he earns about 70K a year.
    The one in Oklahoma is getting food stamps and now rental assistance, she does drugs and wouldn't work if handed a job on a silver platter.
    I not saying that all people on public assistance want to be there. Years ago I can remember going to Catholic Charities for food to make ends meet.
    If you can afford drugs, then you don't need the working people to pay your bills.

  • Assitanance should only be offered to those who will change for the better.

    I live an area where the majority of individuals who receive assistance both cash and food stamps live committed to drugs and raise their children viewing this form of living as acceptable. And are people who are applying no effort change and get out of their position. They are using food stamps in exchange for cash. And are not using the help for good use.

  • No

    If you are going to drug test welfare recipients then you would have to drug test college student who receive pell grants and financial aid cause all that money dont just go to books..I am just saying.

  • Absolutely Not

    This would just be an excuse to harm welfare recipients. A more productive solution would be to grant them cards that could be used to monitor how the funds are used. They may not even be using the money for drugs, and it's ridiculous to potentially starve children just because their parents are drug users.

  • NO

    4th amendment

  • Pilots and surgeons should be drug tested,

    not regular people. You don't need to be sober to be out of a job.

  • War against poor!

    Just because someone tests positive for drugs does NOT mean that they purchased the drugs. Marijuana can be grown for free from a seed. Marijuana smokers also share with friends & family. People with money think poor people don't deserve to be happy. People with money think that poor people are lazy and choose to be poor. I guarantee if you ask any poor person if they like being poor or if they chose to be poor the answer would be no.

  • Drug testing welfare

    It's a humiliating, intrusive and a human rights violation. If it is suspected that someone is using drugs and they may harm themselves or others - then approach the situation with the mind set of wanting to help. That goes for everyone everywhere. If the system is broken then work towards mending it, don't use Gestapo tactics.

  • People on welfare should not be denied freedoms of those who aren't.

    Shouldn't we all be equal no matter our financial situation?

  • Welfare recipients are less likely to use illegal drugs than other groups.

    Infants, seniors and veterans make up the largest share of "welfare recipients." None of these groups is any more likely to abuse drugs than non-welfare groups. Drug testing is an expensive and humiliating - as well as intrusive - solution to a problem that does not exist. The studies that have shown "single unmarried mothers" as the largest collectors of "welfare" - deliberately exclude social security, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, as well as veterans. These studies also make a mistake in assuming that the "single unmarried female with children" is getting the welfare benefits for some reason other than that she has children. In these cases, the children are the "necessary components" of welfare benefits being awarded.

  • Not worth it.

    Between infringing the 4th Amendment and the humongous cost, plus the fact that there really aren't that many drug users taking government money, it isn't worth it. Not to mention that you're basically telling the world that you think all welfare recipients are drug users when they aren't.
    Also, the government can't be run like a common business. That's just common sense.

  • Just limit the cards

    If we simply changed the EBT cards so that they cant purchaae unhealthy foods, alcohol, or cigarettes (idk create bar codes for healthy foods and bar codes for unhealthy foods) it would cost WAY less than drug testing. You coordinate with the dmv for photo id and it would be so cumbersome to trade healthy foods for drugs that the problem would be solved. Even without photo id it would probably be too cumbersome. Plus this solution doesnt violate rights and solves the BIGGER problem of welfarees spending tax dollars on fattebing foods, so we can also pay for their uninsured emergency room visits later.

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