Should someone representing your country be of good moral standards and beyond reproach?

Asked by: andyjfraser
  • Absolutely should be

    The more they represent, the more they have authorities. If they are not of good moral standards, it is like entrusting a cat with fish. There may be corruption made by the representative. Thus, the higher moral standing and being beyond reproach are severely required for them. It is for sure.

  • Of course they should

    If someone representing your country is not beyond reproach and of good moral standing then how can they gain the respect of those who they are representing on your behalf. How can they be trusted to make the right moral decisions or act in away that does not reflect badly on your country? If they are not clean living then they will make a poor representative!

  • Yes. Without a doubt.

    Someone representing a government in international affairs should have demonstrated good moral standards, at least with respect to a uniform understanding of morality. He or she should practice behavior that genuinely makes the world a better place to live, and he/she should endorse views that promote the betterment of the country and the world.

  • The person you are describing does not exist... Please try again...

    As much as this would be nice, we have to recognize the person as what they are. A human being. We all have our flaws. We can aspire to having someone of the highest calibre we can find, for sure, but to find someone beyond reproach? Someone who has never made mistakes? As well, actions beyond reproach is kind of an impossibility,

    If you look back at some of our leaders of the past, some of them were amazing people, though they swore horrendously and were notorious philanderers. We need to be able to look past the flaws and see who the genuinely good people are.

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